hi,im breastfeeding and im not producing enough milk to provide for my baby-any advice?

Francine - posted on 04/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




often she empties both breasts and then still wants more?


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Lori - posted on 04/20/2013




Can you answer a few additional questions please.

First, how are you determining that you are not producing enough? Solely by baby still wanting to continue to nurse? Or are you basing it on something else?

How old is your baby? Has she been gaining weight? How often do you nurse? Do you feed on demand/cue, or on a schedule? Are you supplementing at all? Are you pumping at all?

A baby who empties both breasts, and then still wants more is not init of itself indicative of a low supply. Many many babies like to comfort nurse, and just want to stay latched on for the comfort of it. If your baby is going through a growth spurt, baby will want to nurse frequently. The best thing to do... is just settle in, and let baby nurse as often as she wants. By nursing more, your baby is telling your body to produce more milk. The emptier your breasts are, the quicker they produce milk. So if baby is at the breast often, your body will naturally respond by making more milk. If you start supplementing by giving formula, then your body will not get the stimulation you need to make more milk, and your supply will go down.

Also check the pinned conversation at the top of the breastfeeding group that's labeled low supply. That has really good info about what is and what isn't low supply. And IF you truly do have a low supply, there are suggestions for what you can do to help resolve it.

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