Hi, my three month old baby only wants to nurse every 4 hours, and I'm worried that's to little for her. What should I do about it?


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Adiarys - posted on 11/13/2012




Thank u!!! Yes she is getting at least 6 diapers , but they are not as heavy as they used to be a few days ago. That's what I'm really concerned about. This is my first baby I don't really know if I'm doing things right.

Celeste - posted on 11/13/2012




As long as she's getting enough diapers, that should be OK. Just make sure she's getting 6-8 dipes.

Kariann - posted on 11/13/2012




I think that's ok. I have 3 children, and all three were on different schedules. My first was very laid back and relaxed and was every 3-4 hours (and was sleeping through the night for 6 hours stretches not waking to nurse by 2 months). My second was every 2 hours (and woke up every 2 hours at night to nurse...lol), and my third still nurses every 2-4 hours (day and night. She's 19 months now). I would be concerned if your baby DIDN'T want to nurse, but honestly it all depends on the baby and the speed of how they digest.

If you have any concern, you should call her pediatrician, or a lactation counselor. And her diaper should be an indicator for her, as well as the soft spot on her head. If she has consistently wet diapers every few hours, that's a good sign. Her soft spot should also not be caved in. If is it, that's a sign of dehydration. If it's not, then you're doing great :-)

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