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My daughter is 8 months old, she is my third child, and is a high needs baby and has led the way to attachment parenting style. The majority of her caloric intake is in the middle of the night while sleeping, she hardly nurses during the day. She will wake me at least 4 times a night. She refuses to sleep in crib, take a pacifier, and will only sleep in our bed with her latched on, or in the swing. Has anybody had this happen to them or have recommendations how I can get her to sleep in the crib in addition to having her nurse more often during the day so she can sleep through the night? My other 2 were such easy babies and I feel like I've tried everything and am ignoring my other children.


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A high needs baby is a completely different experience from any other baby. My first was/is high needs. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was doing something wrong, or just couldn't understand why other babies were content doing things that I couldn't get mine to do for the life of me. The one thing I learned…. meeting her needs as best as I could, while exhausting, was/is the best thing for her.

My daughter never took a pacifier either… though she did nurse throughout the day… and night.
Since you've mentioned attachment parenting style: Do you have a GOOD sling or carrier? These are so helpful for any baby… but especially so for a high needs baby. At 8 months I'm guessing your LO is now crawling all around so starting to use a carrier now if you haven't yet might be tricky…. but if she's already used to it at least a bit, then USE it regularly. Carry her in that carrier as much as you can during the day. See if she'll nurse while in the carrier??? Offer to nurse her very frequently during the day. Even if she only latches on for a minute or two each time, if you do it often she will be getting some more nutrition during the day that way.

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