Home birth or hospital?

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My husband and I are currently working on getting pregnant for the second time. For my first pregnancy I planned a home birth which I was in labor for 2 days and pushed for 3 hours when I decided that it was time to go to the hospital and get some help getting him out. His head actually came out cock-eyed and that's why we think it was hard to push him out. They got him out by vacuum. I wasn't planning on a hospital birth at all and ended up with a nice episiotomy that tore to my rectal muscles. I also dislocated my tail bone which was the most painful and not the episiotomy. I really enjoyed being at home and being able to do what I felt I needed to do and be able to walk around outside. It was very exhausting being in labor for 2 days and I'm not sure if I should do it again since the first time around was a little traumatic. Is there anyone out there that has some advise? Anyone that has had a similar experience with a home birth? Please help!


Nicole - posted on 12/07/2009




Just like every woman and every child is diffierent, so is every birth. The second baby having the same bad positioning during labor is very unlikely. I would talk it over with a midwife once you are pregnant and let her put your mind at ease about another home birth. I think you will find that will help and I'm sure you will be able to have that wonderful home birth you desire this second time.

Good luck with getting pregnant and with your future pregnancy and delivery.


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I am extremely uncomfortable w/ the thought of a home birth. Then again, I've also had 2 c-sections (semi-emergency w/ twins and a scheduled repeat for my son), so....

Good luck!!

Rebecca - posted on 12/13/2009




My friend had almost the same experience as you with her first baby, she was in labour for 2 days and pushed for hours and ended up going to the hospital to have the baby. The baby was as well turned "sunny side up" (face up) and she had a very difficult time delivering her. But she just had her second baby (a boy) back in June and this one was a successful home birth! She was really nervous this time around but had great support with her husband, Doula and Midwife. In the end she said it was so worth having the baby at home and would so recomend to anyone that can! I think as long as you are really wanting to do the home birth and you have the support that you need and your midwife, doula ect are confident and know when its ok to stay or when to go then I say go for it!! As another mom stated every pregnancy and delivery is different and just because things didnt go as planned last time dosnt mean that it wont this time. You have to look towards the outcome ( a beautiful baby) and strive towards that goal, regardless of how, or where it is born. I hope that all goes well for you and know that it can be done!! take care!

April - posted on 12/13/2009




home birth definitely...you deserve to try to get the birth experience you wanted to get with your first. i think it should be relatively safe, as long as your hospital isn't too far.

Kelly - posted on 12/13/2009




hi i have never had a home birth i have 5 children and i had each of them in the hospital. i will list these from oldest to youngest.. i was induced with abilene they started me on the drip at 8 am mind that i went into labor at 4 am and went to the hospital then when my midwife came in at 8 am she said to start me on the drip so here i am first delivery im on the drip my contractions were back to back and hurt more than normal cuz of the drip and i am having her naturally (no pain medication) come 4pm i finally pushed her out i was in 12 hours of labor with her. I went into labor with dylan in the middle of the night again went to hospital my midwife had them give me a shot and a little red pill this would let me sleep during the early stages of labor so we wnt home around 9 am i woke up and it was time to go went to my midwifes office there she broke my water and sent me to hospital. now i dont dialate easy so they put that pill up in me well here i am contractions back to back again and 16 hours into labor i was still at a 5 so my midwife made me get the epiderall cuz she need to do the drip and the pain was already to intense. well an hour after i got the meds i feel nothing they are doing shift change i thought my nurse had me sit up to long and the epiderall sliped cuz i felt something down there well it was dylan coming out on his own no pushing needed and we thought the midwife wouldnt make it. i went ahead and planned the day that i would go a just get induced with cassidy we went in at 9 am they started my drip everything was going good around noon dr broke my water come 2 we decided to get the epiderall cuz of other reasons and we thought she would come out in an hour like dylan nope that didnt happen after 11 hours of labor and 2 hours before she came out i felt every contraction the epiderall wasnt working i told the nurse she was coming to get the dr she was saying no you are only 9 i told her dylan came out when i was 9.5 i told her i felt her coming she was telling me to relax there was time i said nope i put one of my legs in the air and said fine she will just slide out here the nurse was laughing so hard that we were all laughing. when it came time for my to go into labor with wyatt i think it was the hardest cuz i had early stages of labor for 3 weeks my contractions were real but just werent do anything finally on the morning i went in to get the drip i was in labor for 2 hours and i was just in pain and wore out i asked my old man if i could get the epiderall he said yes 2 hours after i had the epiderall i had him he was my bigest baby and at the time shortest labor. ok now when i went into labor with conner well i guess i was in labor i was having back pains and stomache cramps i wasnt having contractions at all i told steve to take me to hospital so they can give me something so i could sleep by the time i left the hospital it was 11pm and hour later i still couldnt sleep and so we went back up they gave me a shot and put me on the monitor now this hole time i am not having any contractions just cramping and back pain well i had to go potty and i was like nurse nurse i have to potty no response again i am like nurse nurse i have to potty but you have to help me i cant walk. now we have been there about an hour so she decided to check me she said your a 6 i went from 3-6 in less than an hour i yelled i want an epiderall she went out of the room came back in the room in about 5 minutes checked me again i went from 6-8 in 5 minutes i am like oh shit no drugs for me well conner decided he was coming into this world the way he wanted too and as fast as he wanted to i was in i guess you call it labor for 1.5 hours with my last child i honestly dont think i am going to make it to the hospital with this one so i am tossing it around about a home birth

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