How can I get my 1 yr old to drink milk?

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My son will be turning one in just a few days. He has been self-weaning for the past few months... It kinda makes me sad because I had hoped to nurse for a lot longer, but he just LOVES food.

Anyway, he nurses when he wakes up about half the days, and he nurses before he goes to bed every night, but aside from that he's on solid food. I worry that if he drops the morning feeding completely he will not be getting enough milk. But he really doesn't care for cows milk.

Anyone have any ideas? With my daughter I was force to switch to formula at 10 months because my milk dried up from illness, so switching to milk was a simple matter of gradually moving from all formula, to a mix, to all milk. But with Elliott, there's just my boobie...


Lori - posted on 03/26/2012




You could try rice milk, or almond milk, or coconut milk, or goat milk. He may find he prefers one of those. OR you could pump some breast milk out and do like you did with your daughter and the formula. Mix cow milk with breast milk, adding a little more cow milk each time until he's drinking just cow milk.

If you do want to continue nursing for a while longer you can continue with just the 1 or 2 feedings per day for as long as you and your son like, or you could try getting him to nurse just before nap time so he gets that additional milk. Even just nursing once per day continues to provide benefits for your son including additional immunities.

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