How can I increase my milk supply?

Vicki - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am currently trying to increase my milk supply for my six-week old son. We had major issues when he first arrived with breastfeeding. My son is tongue tied and I have flat nipples. We are not the best match when it comes to this area :( We have been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding (along with supplementing) for several weeks now. We did see a lactation consultant and did SNS for his first two weeks.

Recently my milk supply has started to dwindle, not that it was ever that great to begin with. Currently I am taking Fenugreek, drinking tons of water, pumping every two to three hours. I am also letting my son latch several times a day before pumping. I must say it is extremely painful ( i use shields sometimes, i have also been to the doctor to check my breasts for infection) and he is very fussy.

Has anyone gone through something similar? Were you able to boost your milk supply? If you were able to, what worked for you? I am desperate for answers.


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Sara - posted on 09/14/2009




Not sure about one beer a day, though thats interesting!
I agree about the latch but also just relax as much as you can and keep your baby close when you can. Skin to skin is great. Even if your baby has finished eating you can keep her to your breast skin to skin. I found it helpful. Good luck to you and your baby!

Minnie - posted on 09/14/2009




Try Tthe 'hamburger latch.' This is where you squash your areola flat like a hamburger and then get baby to open wide like he would do to chomp a hamburger.

Flat nipples shouldn't be an issue if you use this latch- baby isn't made to latch onto your nipple, but your areola/breast. Once you get latch down, nurse whenever baby wants to, even if he just nursed 1/2 an hour ago, and you'll make enough milk.

Not many mothers can keep up exclusive pumping- pumps are inefficient at stimulating and draining your breast- your body is not made to let down to a contraption, but to a baby. Mothers have lots of milk in the beginning because your body has no way of knowing how big your baby will be or how many babies you'll have. But after a few weeks, your supply is going to regulate to where you're only producing what is being removed from your breast.

Best way to maintain adequate production is to get baby on your breast and latched properly.

Eliza - posted on 09/13/2009




along with fenugreek and reglan, my doctor said i could drink one beer a day, lol.

Monika - posted on 09/13/2009




wow i could have written this myself about 6 weeks ago. my son is 10weeks now and is a big booby baby but it took alot of work to get him that way. He is also tounge tied and wouldnt latch for 2weeks. Try using a nipple gaurd and you will see a big difference in how he latches and slowly he will be a pro. I also tried fenugreek and dont need it anymore, try pumping only certain times a day but make it a habit such as setting a timer to pump. As for nursing, put him to the breast every chance you get with or without the nipple gaurd and you should really start to feel your let down happening everytime you go to nurse your baby. If he is getting really mad and crys when you try to nurse him squirt some milk in his mouth or sqiurt some on the nipple of the gaurd so he knows that theres something coming out of your boobs. Its challenging but ive been there and it gets easier trust me. I wanted to just give up and formula feed but then he just got it. Remember its not too late to get him to latch and once he does your milk supply will adjust to how much your baby needs. Let me know if you need answers about the nipple gaurd. Good luck.

Julia - posted on 09/13/2009




I have found that a lot of moms tend to do better with the herbs at the beginning rather than later. You can add Blessed Thistle to the mix. Don't drink too much water because that can reduce your supply as well. If that still doesn't work you can see your OB about a prescription for Reglan. Lactation is a side effect of it. If nothing is working and you really want more help there is a medication out there that works however it is not sold in the U.S. anymore. People were having cardiac issues with the IV form of it. There was not any document cases of cardiac issues with the PO form (by mouth). It is called Domperidone. Brand name is Motillium I believe. I was desperate at about 5 months. I had gone back to work and my supply was just drops. It worked within a day or two. Whatever you decide, do your research. There are pros and cons to herbs and medications.

Aside from herbs and meds, have you thought about fixing the tongue-tie? The best boost would be for him to breastfeed. Breast pumps only have suction they don't have the movement of your baby's mouth and tongue. I don't know if your insurance covers it but I have seen wonderful results from it. They just snip that tiny bit of tissue under the tongue. Of course I would insist that your pediatrician administer a local anesthetic prior to performing such a procedure. I don't care what doctors say, you cut any tissue on any human and it hurts. But if you are able to get such a procedure done it may help a great deal with your latch. Seeing a lactation consultant specifically for his latch after would help as well. Hope you find some answers.

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