How can I increase my milk supply?

Sibel - posted on 09/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi there,

My daughter is 2.5 months old and I've been breast feeding so far. The first 3-4 weeks she was fine and seemed satisfied. She nursed very well and would sleep for 2-3 hrs between feeds.

In the last 1.5 months though she never seems to be satisfied. She doesn't sleep during the day at all and wants to feed all the time. Also after a few minutes of feeding she starts getting really upset and cries so I have to keep switching breasts all the time. When I hand express not much comes out. Nights are alright. My breasts feel very full and she is quite satisfied.

I really would like to continue breast feeding but I feel that she doesn't get enough sleep because she is always half full. They keep saying that every mother has enough to feed their baby but I'm not sure if that's true.

Any advice? I really don't know whether I should introduce formula alongside breast feeding.


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Bernice - posted on 02/02/2016




To boost low milk flow, healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea did great help to me.

Lori - posted on 09/20/2012





Do check out this thread on low supply. There is a lot of good info on supply issues all in one place.

Now, that being said: around 3 months of age (you're baby is very close to this), many many many moms begin to feel like they may not be making enough milk for their baby. Generally we moms feel like this because baby is nursing more frequently, and the breasts seem to not be engorged anymore. Between developmental changes and growth spurts this is normal behavior for a baby. And for you, it's your body regulating supply and no longer being swollen from the changes that beginning to produce milk makes.

Also, the fact that you say nights are alright and your breasts feel very full is another sign that you're making plenty of milk. If she was that hungry during the day, she would empty your breasts at night too.

Is she growing? Is she getting 6 - 8 wet diapers each day?

She may need more entertainment during the day. Or... she may need less stimulation just before nap time during the day so that she can unwind and get to sleep.

Have you tried carrying your baby around in a sling or other carrier? This is very calming to most babies, and even if she won't sleep in a crib for a nap, you may find she sleeps in the sling while you go about your day.

If she's not sleeping enough during the day... I'd work on different ways to get her to nap... I don't think it's because of breastfeeding.

Sibel - posted on 09/20/2012




Thanks Celeste. This is encouraging! I'm more worried about my baby crying at my breast after a few minutes into feeding than my breasts feeling empty. I then switch to the other breast which seems to sooth her for a short time. She never lets go off the breast, rather I have to take her off as she gets more and more agitated.

I'm also worried that she doesn't get enough sleep. I was told babies her age should sleep over 13 hours a day but she gets about 8-9 hrs. My family tells me to top her up with a bottle as they think I might not have enough milk...Not sure what to do..

Celeste - posted on 09/20/2012




This is so normal for a baby her age. Never look for "satisfied" to determine milk supply. You DON'T want full breasts. Full breasts will actually slow production. Floppy breasts are working breasts.

Honestly, I don't see a supply issue here. As long as your baby is getting 6-8 diapers, no matter content, your supply is fine. Take a look at that sticky at the top of the forum. This will explain what does NOT mean low supply and baby not being satisfied is one of those that doesn't mean low supply.

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