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how can i stop breastfeeding my son he is to old

Vicky - posted on 01/04/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my son is too old to be breastfeeding he is 1 and 5 months and i need help to stop

thank u


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If you are comfortable with him breastfeeding there is no need to stop. If you WANT to stop then drop one feeding a day for a week at a time.


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Jennifer - posted on 01/05/2010




We were just in to Urgent Care because our son had an eye issue, ends up it's pink eye-the same as his cousin on Christmas, so we caught it...anyways, it was the first time we have ever had ANYTHING with him! The first thing out of the doctors mouth was so he was or is still being breastfed?! And I said yes, why? She said most children who have never had a perscription by the age of 2 are always breastfed and are so much more healthy, thus why the recomendation is to breastfeed until a minimun of 2 years. So great for you for making it this far! He also said that with the H1N1 and regular flu, that he would like to see me nurse him thru the entire flu 'season' because it is the best fighter for it, so I am planning on keeping it up until at least this spring, unless he would like to wean sooner.
But just like everyone else has said, cut down feedings day by day until you and him are both comfortable with the transition.
Congratulations for giving your son such a wonderful start to life!! You're a wonderful Mom!

Vicky - posted on 01/05/2010




thank u all but i wasnt trying to say that one was to old i just ment for me and i have been trying to just let him stop on his own but he keeps not biteing but making sure he has a good grip on it i just wanted a way to help him stop

Bethany - posted on 01/05/2010




I personally don't think that's an abnormally old child to still be breastfeeding, but if you think so, then by all means wean him! Don't continue to do it of you're not comfortable with his age. But, definitely do it slowly if he's still going strong. You don't want to get mastitis from stopping too quickly.

I would start by cutting out the nursing sessions he seems least eager about, if any. My daughter self-weaned, but she slowly cut out the daytime feedings first. The first nurse in the morning and the final nurse before bed were the last to go. You may also find that, as you cut down on the number of times you nurse, he'll nurse less because your milk supply will start to drop.

To avoid a breast infection, make sure you drink plenty of water and massage your breasts if they start to hurt. Also, fresh garlic is a really good natural antibiotic if you start to feel like you may be getting plugged up.

Good luck! :)

Lyssa - posted on 01/05/2010




My son is 5 months and has started to wean himself from it. He is now only nursing first thing in the morning and at night. He had bowel movement trouble so doc recommended juice. Once he had the bottle he stopped wanting to nurse. Try giving him a bottle or sippy cup during the day, even if your pumping at first and giving him the breast milk. Slowly wean him from it that way. I've had no problems with engorgement or pain doing it slowly. I'm personally going to keep nursing in the morning and at night as long as i keep producing enough milk. But slowly wean him onto regular milk with a bottle or sippy and see how he does. I recommend to keep nursing in the morning and at nite for a while to keep yourself from getting engorged, but your milk supply will lower. Hope this helps!

Lisa - posted on 01/05/2010




The other moms are correct that there isn't actually an age limit when they should be weaned but if you are ready to be done breastfeeding, then it's perfectly fine for you to wean your child. As far as how to do it... well, I am going through the same thing. As much as I would like to be able to offer my son breast milk until he's ready to stop, I just cannot do it anymore. I've tried switching him to cow's milk and even formula, but he just wants to breastfeed. It's a comfort thing so it will probably be difficult at first. I think I'm going to try what Sara H. said and see if that helps the transition. :)

Christina - posted on 01/04/2010




my sister inlaw was the same way. she just stopped and told her kids that they were big boy/girl and have a sippie cup. but i think they were a little older than 1.5yrs.

Cori - posted on 01/04/2010




if you want to stop then stop! there is no "minimum age" for breastfeeding just a recommended age. we weaned at 13 months painlessly and easily by letting our son cut out feedings I just didnt offer breastfeeding to him, but if he asked for it i let him have it. it took a month but we stopped and i never got that engorged pain.

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