How did you get Sexy back after becoming a Mommy? How did you go from Mama to feeling like a Sexy Mama?

Samantha - posted on 12/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was almost a year and a half post-baby after my daughter was born before I found myself in a place where I felt sexy.

I am not 13 months post-baby after carrying twin boys to term and delivering over 12 lbs of baby. I have saggy skin, stretch marks and just had to have a belly button hernia repairs so I'm on the mend all over again.

I am also still breastfeeding which is a blessing and something I'm not ready to give up, but leaky boobs don't really lend to one feeling sexy, right?

I am having a lot of trouble finding 'sexy' again this time around. My husband still finds me very attractive and is not shy about his admiring of my Mama-ness.

But I am still not feeling all that Sexy.

What helped you Mamas feel sexy again? Clothes? Perfume? Massage? A leg wax? Sexy lingerie?

How did you get back to feeling sexy again?

Hoping with some great suggestions I can find my Sexy Mama side again.

Thank you in advance!


Shastin - posted on 12/30/2011




I took time to get ready and dress in nice clothes rather than lounge around in sweats, etc. I never really felt sexy until I was able to get back in the gym and loose some of the weight. I would try to get in shape and drink lots of water. Go out and purchase some clothes for yourself or get your hair done. Whatever builds your confidence in being a woman and not just a mother. Ask yourself what is keeping you from feeling sexy? Your weight, clothes, time to yourself and then try an work on that.


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Maia - posted on 01/01/2012




Treat yourself to a new outfit, or hair cut/ style or color :) I hate my body right now, but I try to do other things to make me happy with myself.

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