How do I begin the weaning process?

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Hi I just joined circle of moms and It really seems like a great place to meet new moms and get a lot of useful information. I am a mom of 2 boys my oldest is 8 years old. My youngest Caleb is 11 months and 2 weeks and I just decide to start the weaning process again. I started 2 months ago but I had to stop because he got an infection and had to get on amoxicillin and no longer wanted food. So here I go starting from scratch again.

What I really need to know is that if he breast feeds every 3-4 hours when I start to take a feeding away how long should I do that for? I was thinking maybe a week. Some people say 2-3 days but that does not seem like it's enough time to slow the supply down. I want this to be a gradual process so I do not become engorged. My supply is not as much as it use to be because he does not feed as long and as much as he use to.

My next question is do i cut back every other feeding so my breasts do not become really engorged? I was told that's best and when there are no more to do every other feeding and it gets down to being back to back my body will know.

And I guess my last question for now is if my breasts get really full should I just express enough to get the fullness relieved? I was told to just do it for a few minutes just to release the tension because the longer I do it the more milk I will make.

I appreciate any feedback I can get. :-) I think the best help I can get is from moms that have went through this and have the knowledge and experience. It's so difficult to get a clear understanding on the step by step guide on the internet.


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Celeste - posted on 11/02/2011




Breastfeeding really needs to continue to at least 1 years old. Since you only have one month, I'd wait until AFTER he turns 1. And, you CAN continue past 1 if you wish.

If you're still adamant about weaning, then I'd drop 1 feeding a week.

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