How do I fix a milk blister causing plugged duct?

Bobbi - posted on 09/16/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




Now that I have 100 different answers from 100 different sources, I am coming to you guys. This morning I noticed a shooting pain in my right breast when the baby was nursing. I thought maybe he was just latched weird and tried to adjust, but it didn't help. It eventually became bearable.

Then I noticed that I have a little white dot, like a whitehead-but not raised, on my right nipple. It doesn't hurt, but the top half of my breast is engorged and hard and painful. I cannot express the milk, no matter what I do. I've been trying all day. Nothing comes out when I pump and the baby does not want to nurse on that side (since nothing's coming out).

I tried popping the "blister," but it's not able to be popped. It's flat. When I was in a very hot shower for a while, I could see the hole in the white part that the needle made, but no milk is coming out. Could all the milk in the top half of my breast really be coming out of this one pore? One site stated that the white spot can actually be an overgrowth of skin.

I don't have insurance, so going to the doctor is not possible unless it's really super absolutely necessary. Please help! It hurts and it's not getting any better! What do I do and how long will it take to yield?


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i had heaps of these and they SUCK, i really feel for you, i did similar to liz but used a clean pair of small point tweezers either in a warm shower or just after (usually in coz all that backed up milk comes out in a hurry), i found i just had to carefully get the very thin layer of skin off and gently squeeze as if it was a pimple and it would clear and i could stand in the warm water while being a 'fountain' lol ahh the relief. i tried all the nursing, pumping etc and still got them frequently but after the first couple learnt how to fix it before it got too painful....and me too bitchy ;)

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I have a recurring milk blister on one duct, and I've found the only thing that helps is the needle. But you don't poke it or try to pop it like a pimple. DON'T PIERCE or STAB. Gently use the needle (after sterilizing) to LIFT an edge of the skin of the blister. You may have to do this on another edge to really open it up.

Then breast massage in a long, hot shower, manual expression, and nurse, nurse, nurse.

Once it's unclogged, you can take some ibuprofen and place a very cold washcloth on the breast to reduce pain/inflammation.

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You can try putting your breast into a big bowl of war water and try hand expressing your milk it is much better then a pump. You really need to get the milk out or you can get mastitis which can turn into an infection. If you start to get achy(like the flu) or run a fever you really need to get to a doctor quickly. If left untreated mastitis can cause an absess in your breast that may have to me surgically removed. I work at WIC and am a Lactation counselor there. It sounds like it started out as a clog or what is technically called a "bleb" that sometimes does need a doctors help to get out. I would really suggest getting to a doctor. Also not letting the baby nurse is the probably making the situation worse. The more milk you have in there the worse it's going to get. The best way to pass clogs or blebs is frequent nursing or hand expression. I hope this helps.

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Just bf through it it's the best way to get rid of it. Just watch fir fever as someone else mentioned.


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I had this happen about 2 months ago. It was soooo painful I feel for you. I put up with it for quite a while, I also couldn't really go to the doctor. Eventually what I did was take a long hot shower before I pumped, EVERY TIME. It hurt to bad to nurse, so I pumped. And the first several times it didn't seem to be doing anything. But after a while it popped and I was able to squeeze out a little bit of thick dried milk. I continued with the showering and pumping for about a week, and after if it looked sort of open. I would gently try to squeeze more out. After that week it was far less painfull. I continued to shower before breastfeeding for a few days and then eventually went to the warm washcloth, and then nothing. I was not working at the time and was able to take the time. Hopefully you can figure out what will work for you.

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I had the same thing when my daughter was about 6 months. I even went to the Dr. to find out what it was. They tried sticking a needle straight into it but nothing happened. The advice they gave to me help was get a very warm wash cloth and place it around your breast for 10 to 15 mins before feeding the baby or pumping. Also laying your baby on their back and you lean over your baby but with the babies chin is the same direction as that spot. Sounds complicated and trust me, it is but the best suction comes from the babies jaw. and then also gravity should help. it's definately worth a shot. Mine fixed itself after about a week to a week in a half and I haven't had another one and am still breastfeeding at 13 months. Good luck and I hope you find some relief.

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