how do i get a better milk supply back?

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i had to supplement with formula and don't know how to get the supply back that i had. any advice? thanks!!


Ellaine Marie - posted on 07/20/2013




I have a 2 month old baby boy and I had his BF for 2 weeks only. You'll probably asked why. My nipples bled bec of his strong sucking. So after swallowing the pain while BF him I finally decided to stop it.

Now it's been a month and he seems to be enjoying his formula. Just 2 days ago he seems to be looking for my breastmilk and I gave in just to see.

My question is is it possible that after I have stopped BF him & he missed it and remembered to ask for me to BF again?

Megan - posted on 06/01/2009




make sure you are eating and drinking enough water. there are herbal supplements out there that can help. You could try drinking a non-alcoholic beer or two because hops can help increase milk supply. Also milk tends to work with supply and demand so try pumping often right after each feeding and feeding more often might help. definitely try to contact a lactation consultant soon if none of that stimulates your milk to come in.

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Thankop - posted on 08/08/2013




I am to trying to relactate I am taking motherlove milk plus....but at first was afraid becus of it might ham the baby he's 2 months now I stopped about a month ago becus of low milk supply and inlaws keep telling me to give him formula that he was starving .....I'm so sad that I did before I started taking the pills I plumed and could get a teaspoon full so my neighbor told me I had a chance gave me info on a relactation I called and she told me to take motherlove milk plus i was scared so I went ino my babys pediatrician she told me yes take it and u can relactate so I went for it I'm on my 2nd day

Jamie - posted on 07/22/2013




My son was a nicu baby for months and I constantly struggled with my supply due to the fact that I wasn't able to have hardly any physical contact due to his physical condition. Many professionals came and worked with me and there are a few things:
1: Power Pumping... Buy a pump if you don't have one and take a day to yourself, (watch movies, etc.) if possible and pump every two hours for 15-30 mins. at a time. This will send a message to your body and you will increase your production.
2: Fenugreek... a capsule (not exspensive) that naturally can increase your supply. It works miracles for some women, and doesn't work at all for others. I got up to a maximum dose of 16 pills a day (under expert supervision) and no results. Downside: It makes YOU smell like maple syrup. I was told that I smelled like pancakes daily (could be worse)
3: Domperidone-This was the one for me, but it came at a cost to my well being. I felt like a different person while taking this medication!!! It did work and I just delt with the side effect, but it is a last resort miracle!! I would lactate just being in walmart and hearing someone else's baby cry. I made enough milk in two weeks to supply my micro- preemie (2lbs &under) for 55 days.

Charlotte - posted on 06/01/2009




To really help you we need to know a few things. How old is your baby? How old was baby when you started suplementing, how much did you suplement, did you use a bottle or other method for giving formula, and why did you offer formula (ie how did you know you needed to offer formula)?

General things that can help boost milk supply: Eating oatmeal, taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thislte, a prescription drug called Domperidone (you'd need to talk to your Dr about this one obviously), eating and drinking enough, and getting enough rest.

You can also massage your breasts while and/or after nursing or pumping, pump after or btwn nursing sessions, and of course nurse/pump more often. Nursing more often is the very best way to boost milk supply, more important than how long you nurse or pump in a given session, and a properly latched suckling baby will give your breasts much better stimulation than any pump.

While you are still having to give formula you can really help bost your supply at the same time by using a Lact Aid or SNS (suplemetal nursing system) to give the formula because these devices allow baby to get the suplement at the mother's breast thus teaching the baby that food comes from mom not a bottle and most importantly giving mom's breasts plenty of production-inducing stimulation while baby is feeding at the breast. These devices both use tiny tubes that go into the baby's mouth allongside the mother's nipple and deliver formula (or pumped breastmilk) while the baby sucks at the breast. I would highly recomend investing in one.

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