How do I get him to sleep in his crib?!

Britany - posted on 10/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 3 months and I would like to move him from his bassenet to his crib he normaly sleeps through the night ut in his crib he wakes up every do i get him to sleep all night in his crib ?


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Nikki - posted on 10/29/2010




Carolyn and I have two peas in a pod! I moved my little guy into his crib around 3-4 months and started with naps. I put him in it a couple times and he played and I just showed him it was safe and ok. Then after naps went good we put him in there and he was all about. He too will all out cry for about two seconds and out he goes. In the mornings I wait till he cries cause he plays and I like my sleep lol but once he does a real "I need you" cry I'm up and he sees me and starts to get excited it's great! Its also nice to have your room back to just you! And good for him too! We also do a nightlight and I swaddle because he will NOT sleep without it! Good luck!

Cher - posted on 10/29/2010




Another suggestion is play with him in his crib when he wakes up for his naps so he associates his bed as a positive place.
You could also put a favorite stuffy or blanky that smells like you in the crib so if he wakes up he will smell it and be reassured that your near.

Carolyn - posted on 10/29/2010




try just starting with naps in the crib ! thats what i did with my son. if the crib is in another room, it allows him to become familiar with his surroundings, and used to waking up without mom or dad beside him, gives him time to get used to the new mattress and feel of the bed etc.

make sure he has had plenty to eat during the day and right before bed. and if wakes and plays abit too, thats okay , just leave him. My son i am sure of it wakes up and plays in his crib then falls back to sleep during the night sometimes, ive heard him do it ! dont rush in the minute he wakes and cries, because then you are teaching him a neat little game that if he makes a sound, mommy comes running ! give him time to see if he will settle on his own , i usually wait a minute or 2 to see if its a real " i need something cry". sometimes my little guy will randomly cry or even scream or squeal once then back to dream land he goes !

it takes some time but he will get the hang of it the more familiar and comfortable be gets in a new bed, a new room and away from mom and dad !

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