How do I increase supply in left breast?

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Hey! I've been breastfeeding my 2 1/2 month old and I've noticed that my right breast has way more milk when I nurse than my left. I don't want my breasts to be lopsided too much. Any ideas on how to make the left one have more milk?


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Lesley - posted on 11/04/2009




I'm breastfeeding 12 1/2 months now and I have the same problem! There was no way of increasing it but my daughter is still able to get milk from it. Start feeding on the right side where you have more milk and then switch to the left mid-way. If you try to start them on the left and the milk is not enough or doesn't come down fast enough, they will get angry and frustrated. It never was a problem for my daughter however - we kept going and we've had no problems. xox

April - posted on 11/04/2009




my son is 10 months and prefers the right side too. my right has way more milk than the left. one idea is to pump on the left. i hope other people answer this question because i wonder if there are any other options too.

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