How do I know if he's getting enough Hindmilk?

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After doing some recent research I believe i have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. my 4.5 month old son has been really quite fussy for a few weeks and looking back I realize he hasnt been feeding properly and must have only been drinking the foremilk. his stools have been greenish & foamy.

My question is how do I know if he's getting enough of the good stuff and what can I do about him drinking better?

the past few feeds I have been expressing about 50ml of foremilk before he feeds so he gets more hindmilk but as soon as he has to suck (and actually work for it) he pulls away... I'm getting quite frustrated!

Any advice would be great!


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Always remember the wet nappy count. If he's having 6 - 8 wet nappies a day he's getting enough, and that includes both fore- and hindmilk.

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Leave him on the first breast as long as possible. Preferrably until he pulls off. If he's frustrated by the slower flow then you can try breast compressions to keep the flow going. If he's more of a snacker then you can keep offering the same breast for a few feeds then switch to the other breast for the next few feeds.

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