how do i make sore & cracked nipples feel better

Rosemary - posted on 12/15/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




i have a baby that is over 6 months old and for the past few days my nipples hurt sooo much but i dont wanna stop breast feeding how can i get them to heal fast so i dont dread each feeding


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Jacqueline - posted on 12/17/2009




He (or she) is probably teething. Try getting a good latch again (similar to when you first started and had to work on a good latch). I cant really tell you a way to make all of the soreness and what not heal fast but if you work on the latch, keep with it and NOT give up you will be fine... The reason of the soreness is because of the teething he is doing what feels best for him, which is nursing while rubbing his gums on the spots that feel the best... Well your nipples are like "Whoa! Whats going on? Thats not normal!" So they are sore from the rubbing of the gums that they are not used to.
Lanolin Cream does help sooth and gives it moisture to nipples that are cracked. Also you may want to try nipple shields if it is really bad. This will protect your nipples from rubbing on your clothing and making them more sore.
Also, (This is what helped me) close all the doors and blinds, turn up the heat a bit (if your some place cold) and go topless for awhile. Nothing is better than an air bra :) Plus this could be a good time for you and your baby to have some Skin on skin time :)

LeeAnn - posted on 12/16/2009




I used A & D ointment! It has the same ingredients as Lanolin, but is a whole lot cheaper, and can be used on bottoms, scrapes, cuts, chapped skin and lips, eczema, rash, etc. My doctor reccommended I use this because Lanolin is so expenisve, and I am on a very tight budget. Just put it on your nipples after every feed, and if they get sore in between, it is safe to use more. I would check to see if baby is teething...that could be the cause, in which case, it does get better, it just may not seem that way at first. ;)

Jodi - posted on 12/16/2009




I always rub my own breastmilk on my nipple and the surrounding area and then let it air dry. Works wonders for me! Hope they get to feeling better soon! Don't give up!!!

Tammy - posted on 12/16/2009




I was told not to use any creams or anything, just put a bit of breast milk on them and let them air dry, in the sun if possible. Baby may be cutting a tooth? Nipple shields may help.

Hannah - posted on 12/15/2009




Your breastmilk does work wonders.
I don't suggest any creams because everything I read says that it just locks in moisture. But I know some mom's swear by Lanolin as Karianne said,

Just know that this will end and it is probably teething. Leave your shirt off and let them air out as much as possible. :)

Malinda - posted on 12/15/2009




I have a baby 1 month old and I was told by a lactation consultant that your own milk is the best remedie for sore nipples, Mine blistered the first week and now 3 weeks later I'm finally at a place where I can nurse without tears.. I have to wash them with warm water after each feeding, then put my own breast milk on them and let them airdry, then put lanlolin cream on top of that,, works like a charm.

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