How do I stop breastfeeding at one year old??

Katharine - posted on 07/27/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter will be one year old middle of september. I've been breast feeding soley, minus an emergency bottle of formula when I can't pump enough for the babysitter. I would like to stop at one year old and go right to cow's milk. How do I weene her and should I start now? My dilemna is that she enjoys breastfeeding at night and still feeds at night to go back to sleep (I know, my bad). So I don't know what the best thing for me to do is? Mom's, may I ask for your advise please???


Katharine - posted on 08/03/2010




thank you all for your responses and advice. I plan on waiting definately till a year and i believe i will continue to do so threw the night for longer. i don't believe she'll be ready anytime soon to give it up cold turkey. my milk has been less productive and she wasn't gaining proper weight and then i strated to panic.but i had to introduce one bottle of formula because i cab't keep up with pumping for baby sitter, so that has helped and she's back up to 25%. my goal was to go till a year. i guess i am panicing because its coming soon!! omg!!

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It's ok to go beyond a year, if you choose. There are still a lot of benefits to nursing past a year, and if you nurse at least 3x's a day, you don't have to give cow's milk (unless you want of course). Since you're working, you can nurse when you're together and give her cow's milk during the day.

But, if not, check out those kellymom techniques that posted earlier.

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Could you tell us more as to what is the reason you want to wean at 1 year? If we know more as to why you want to stop we can give better advise as to how. Personally I (unlike brianna :) ) advise to not wean at 1 year. I believe the benifits of the breastmilk during toddler years are very important. But like Brianna said it is your decision and we all support you. But if you want to know more about the physical, emotional, and developmental benifits of continuing past a year let me know!
Otherwise a bit more info would help me to give you more tips on weaning at a year. :)

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I would wait til she hits a year.

I can tell you how I weaned my girls who were 'schedule fed'. When we started weaning they were nursing prior to each nap (2), at bedtime, and once or twice during the night. I dropped the afternoon feeding first since it was no longer putting them to sleep. After a bit I dropped the morning feed (the hardest to quit actually). When I did that they started sleeping through the night on their own. We continued the bedtime feed for about a month and then just stopped. They had no transitional issues, but were also 'binky babies', so that helped a lot.

Don't ask me any more about weaning though since my son is 2 years and 4 months and very much still attached. ;)


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Briana - posted on 07/28/2010




What about a bottle or sippy cup of BM at night instead of the boobie?

Honestly, none of us can tell you what the best thing for you to do. That is for you to decide. I know many disagree with me, but it's fine to wean at 1 year old. I am going to wean even before then, and just be giving him breast milk via pumping until he's 1 year. And then after that slowly mixing BM and cow's milk until it's just cow's milk.

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