How do I wean my soon to be 3 yr old daughter off the breast?


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Good luck!

I don't mind that my 3 year old son is still nursing, but I know w/ his stubbornness and temper it will be QUITE the battle if I need him to be done before he is ready.

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The way I do it is, start with night time feedings. Take her off sooner then she would herself, then coax her to sleep. Reduce the time she feeds for every night until night feedings stop. Then do the same during the day, offer food and drink when you take her off early. Or just distract her with something. Start telling her at that point that it's for babies and she isn't a baby anymore. Once you stop completely just remind her any of that any time she asks for it and distract or offer her something else.

Sarah - posted on 06/02/2011




My soon to be 3yr daughter always wants to be breastfed but I want to wean her off..Any suggestions???

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