how do u start solids n bf with a teether?

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hi I have a 5 month old n im going to start solids nxt month how do I do this do I give hee.cereal n fruits n veggies month intervals each or just all in the first month n how much, does tgis replace bf or do I feed hee solids n bf her afterwards. also she will be teething soon how did u handle new teeth n bf


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Hi Rose! Starting solids made me very nervous with my first, but I found some very helpful information online. First, don't start the day baby turns 6 months old. Start when baby shows all the signs of readiness. These are: around 6 months old, sitting unsupported, lost tongue thrust reflex (doesn't spit food out), can pick food up between thumb and finger (pincer grasp) and showing an interest in food. My first wasn't ready until 8 months. My second was ready at 6.5 months. Cereals are unnecessary and can cause tummy problems like constipation. Look into baby-led weaning. It is offering baby small, soft pieces of whole foods. Avocado, banana and sweet potato are all good first foods. When you start offering solids, start very slowly. Always breastfeed first and then offer solids. Food is just for fun before they're one so you want to keep breast milk as their primary source of nutrition until then. You don't want solids to replace milk right now. Click through the topics on this link for great info:

More great info:

For teething, offer a frozen washcloth or cold teether before nursing. If baby bites here are some tips:

Hope this helps!


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