How do you get a 6 month old to gain weight?

Dee - posted on 07/04/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 6 month old fell from the 12th% in April to the 1% for weight. She only gained one pound in that time.


Padmavenkatesh - posted on 08/15/2012




my daughter is six month old and also her weight is 5kgbut she's birth weight is to increase her weight

Vicki - posted on 07/04/2009




My son is six months old and also gained little weight in the past two months. At his four month checkup he was in the 95th percentile for both height and weight, now he is about the same for height, but down to about 70th for weight.

Is your daughter breastfed? If you are beginning solids, be sure not to replace feedings with solids, but in addition. Breastmilk has the most calories to fill baby up.

Mandi - posted on 07/11/2009




My nurse ( a developmental specialist) told me that many babies around this age may not gain weight because they are now more active (crawling, rolling etc) and that their appetite may not have caught up with their calorie expenditure. Also, when starting solids it may make your baby less hungry and therefore eat less, however solids have fewer calories than breastmilk. Solid feeding should be in addition to breast feeding and not instead of. She suggested sneaking in extra feedings. For example if you feed every 3 hours try every 2 to get in more feedings and more calories.

Dani - posted on 07/11/2009




Hi Dee, I read the other posts and there are some helpful tips there. You also need to consider your daughter's increased activity over the past couple of months - has she started rolling, crawling, sitting up, reaching for and playing with toys etc.. Does she have a shorter nap during the day - awake more therefore using more energy? Has she grown in length rather than weight? Does she feed at night? - This one is crucial, similar scenario with my daughter, in the UK we have from the 98th% down to the 9th%, 2nd% and 0.4th%. My daughter dropped from the 9th to the 0.4th in a 6 week period, having had small weight gains of 2-3 ounces per week. My family doctor wanted me to start her on solids at just 16 weeks - I had originally sought her advice about reflux! After speaking with my breastfeeding advisor we realised she just wasn't getting enough feeds (only 5-6 times per day) and sleeping 8-9 hours through the night. I started waking her 3 hrly during the day (luckily she never refused to nurse!) and set my alarm clock every day for a fortnight for 2am! She started getting the most nutritious, high calorie night milk and after 2 weeks had gained 15 ounces - the most she had put on for over a month! By the end of the fortnight she was waking herself and only occasionally slept through after that. She is now a healthy, thriving 3yr old.

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Mine did the same thing, I have no idea why either. He was in the 90th and now is below 50th. I talked to a lactation specialist and she said he might need more solids as all babies are different. My son just turned 11 months though.

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Michelle - posted on 07/08/2009




It is a proven fact that breast feed babies gain weight slower after the first few months then bottle feed babies it is normal for breastfeed babies to drop down on their weight charts do some rescearch and you will see that breast feed babies should have different growth charts then bottle feed babies the growth charts are made with formula babies in mind. If i can find the link to the web site i'll try to post it in here for all that need it. If you baby is gaining weight and growning some it is just fine. Try getting a support group to help you maintain you breastfeeding. it might help

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