how do you get you 1 year old to start drinking whole milk & stop breast feeding?


Merry - posted on 01/21/2011




If you really have to stop breastfeeding and give cows milk just changeover slowly one step at a time.But there's no reason a baby needsto wean at a year, in fact the healthiest weaning age is a minimum of two years.
Soif you want to stop, go slow. But if you are willing to continue breastfeeding,it's much healthier for your child then cows milk.

Momof1 - posted on 01/21/2011




I kept breastfeeding my son, but when I worked (on weekends) my husband gave my son whole milk in a cup. After he turned 1, obviously. It took a month, month and a half for our son to fully start being able to use a cup on his own. (I wish we would have started using it earlier.) But he loved whole milk right away. I stopped nursing at 13.5 months without a problem. If you are set against stopping nursing, then just keep offering a cup of whole milk, cup not bottle. I would reconsider, though. Nursing is still the best until age 2 and beyond. Weaning for my son and I just happened and all I did was not offer and he didn't ask or seem to care. Although I'm not entirely sure that we were both ready (I still feel some pangs now) he didn't seem to mind at all.

Ericka - posted on 01/20/2011




it isnt a one day thing it does take time. i found that it is best to offer a sippy cup of milk not a bottle not only for teeth development/growth but it is completely different from the breast. it is tough sometimes but try to firmly offer just a sippy for a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon. my daughter took a long time to wean from before nap and bed time. sometimes if you are able to be out of the house for awhile like for grocery shopping or something it may help for dad, babysitter or a grandparent to be the one to offer the milk. as mom we smell like breast milk so it can make it harder for baby to understand. it took 6 months for my daughter to completely wean not everyone takes that long but dont rush it :) good luck and i hope this helps


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