how many ounces of breastmilk?

Marian - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




mom and dad are getting their first night out since the birth! how many ounces of breast milk should i pump to cover a 6 hour night out? my son will be6 weeks by then. i want to make sure grandma is well stocked any ideas?


Sandra - posted on 10/28/2009




According to ( babies between 1 and 6 months old drink a total of 19-30 oz of milk per 24 hour period. 6 hours is only a fourth of that time, so you would really only need between 4-8 oz. My 10 week old daughter drinks about 11-12 oz of expressed milk while I'm at work and away from her 10 hours a day (but only 4 days a week!) If I were going to be gone for 6 hours, I would leave 6 oz which is enough for 2 feedings of 3 oz apiece. 20 oz is really extreme, especially if you baby has never had as bottle before... He's very likely to eat just enough to stave off his hunger, then go crazy at the breast when you get back :-)

Tenea - posted on 10/28/2009




It just depends. I usually pump more than is used, But I usually pump about 6 or 7 4oz bottles just in case We are gone longer than we intended to. I usually pump and keep it frozen so that I have some on hand. This way I dont have any problems in case I dont have time to pump a lot.


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Stephanie - posted on 10/28/2009




the book the ultimate guide to breastfeeding moms has a part in the book to calculate just how much a baby should eat at a certain age check it out at your local library

Nicole - posted on 10/28/2009




One breast can hold about 4 ounces before let down. I would say to make sure you have 4 ounces per 2 hours. So to play it safe 12-16 ounces.

Brittany - posted on 10/28/2009




My son normally drinks 2 oz of breast milk every time he eats, so figure out how many times he will eat during this time plus a few extra just in case and if your drinking.

Aideen - posted on 10/28/2009




I left 8oz my first night out at around the same age, only to find he slept til I got home...I'd been expressing for hours and i was so proud of my hard work. lol. Now I would always get the sitter to keep me updated on how the bottle's going so I've plenty notice if i need to cut the night short. I think about 4oz every 3 hrs of formula is about right for that age, I'm 8oz of milk should be plenty or even too much. hope this helps.

Samantha - posted on 10/28/2009




Typically they start at 2 ounces per bottle but some will eat up to 4 ounces. So depending on the frequency of feedings, I would save 4 ounces per feedings. So say your LO eats every 3 hours, I would keep 8-12 ounces. If your LO eats every 2 hours then I would keep 16 - 20 ounces. Those figures range on the high side.

Jenny - posted on 10/28/2009




Depends how much he will sleep during this time. Think about how many times you feed him in a 6 hour period. I would do 4-5 ounces per feeding to be safe. You could always pump for a few days before and freeze it or just store it in the frig. Have fun on your night out!!!!!!

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