How much breast milk does a 9 month old need?

Motomi - posted on 04/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son just turned 9 month. Now I feed him in a morning, and he takes 2 bottles of 5 oz pumped milk to a day care, and I feed him again after work around 4pm, and before he goes to bed. My milk stock is running out after I donated whole bunch before I realize my production was actually decreasing...I am so bummed!

I pump at work but not much comes out. (So I am not sure how much he is actually getting when I feed him, but he sucks very long time.) But I will keep trying.

He also eats solid food for lunch and dinner, mostly vegetables, and luckily he has great appetite. I am thinking adding another meal, so that he will have 3 meals a day.

My questions are:
1. Will having breast milk just in a morning and evening (2-3 times a day) be enough for 9 month old?
2. Will the solid foods supplement his nutritional need?

I do not want to give him formula nor other animal's milk....

I would appreciate if you could share your experience.


Lori - posted on 04/13/2014




At 9 months old, your babies MAIN nutritional source should still be breast milk. I don't think 2 - 3 times per day is quite enough for a 9 month old. Feeding him before and after work plus 2 bottles of 5 oz and again before bed sounds like an OK schedule.

Yes the solid foods do supplement his nutritional needs. And if he's enjoying and eating them well I don't see a problem adding a 3rd "meal". If your pump output is dropping perhaps adding a high fat item like avocado would be a good idea. Many women find they get less and less while pumping. however that doesn't mean he's getting less during the times he's actually nursing. Babies are much better at getting milk out of a breast than any pump. And you mentioned that he's staying latched on a good amount of time so I'm just going to assume he's getting what he needs during those feedings.

My suggestion to you would be to keep nursing him as much as your are, and keep pumping. If your pump output is decreasing like you say, then perhaps adding an extra pumping session each day would be helpful. Either at work while you're away from baby (if possible), or sometime at home. If you stay up later than your baby in the evening, a good time to pump might be about an hour after putting baby to bed. Remember that your supply works on supply and demand, the more demand there is for the milk (baby nursing & pumping) then the more milk your body will make. If the demand goes down (baby not nursing as frequently and you not pumping as much) then your supply will also go down. Waiting to pump or nurse until your body makes more milk is actually counter productive. The emptier your breasts are, the quicker they make more milk. As they fill up, they also slow down production. So the best way to get "more" is to remove milk more frequently.

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