How much should my 71/2 month-old be nursing??

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My son has always been a great nurser until recently...he just doesn't really seem interested anymore! I always breastfeed him before offering solids, but he loses interest quickly. He REALLY does a good job eating his fruits/veggies/cereal, and almost seems to prefer solids over nursing. I know he really needs the nutrition from my breastmilk though, so how do I make sure he's getting enough? I'm mixing breastmilk into his food, too, in hopes that the additional milk will help. He nurses 8-10 min per side, 4x a day. Does that sound about right to you other moms with babies this age? Thanks for any advice!


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Emily - posted on 12/27/2009




That sounds normal. At that age babies are pretty fast nursers, and are often more interested in the world around them than nursing! Continue following his lead.. you're doing great!

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I 'think' that's pretty close to what my girls were doing except add in another nursing in the middle of the night. Hard to remember for sure...

My son was another story. He's 21 months old now and still nurses more than that. lol!

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How many times a day does he eat solids? You could cut back on those if needed. My daughter is the same age and nurses about every 2-2 1/2 hours. She also nurses 1-2 times at night. She's not eating solids yet. At that age he's probably a pretty efficient nurser so he may be getting more milk than you think in that time.

Amber - posted on 12/27/2009




It really depends on the baby.. my first nursed ALL the time and really wasn't into solids until she was over a year because I was pregnant and my milk started to change.. my second was exactly like your son! She had little interest and preferred solids.. I still offered as much as possible, but she was/is healthy as can be! I wouldn't worry about it unless your son starts to show signs that he is not properly nurished.. I did not start her on vitamins until she turned one year either.

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