How much solids was your breastfed baby eating around 8-9 months?

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My son is almost 9 months old. Around 8 months, we had worked up to two "meals" a day. He was enjoying it fine, though in tiny amounts of course. It was fun cooking him different foods.

Well, then I didn't feel well for a few days so I took a break (baby-led weaning is messy); then he was extremely fussy (teeth, crawling, Wonder Weeks, the whole works) and didn't seem to want much solids; then I had a blocked duct so I stopped solids and just nursed and nursed to clear it; then he didn't poop for a while so I was worried about constipation... anyway, to make an already long story short, I'm back to offering once every 2-3 days again.

(To be honest, I'm exhausted from keeping up with him crawling everywhere, trying to get into everything, throwing tantrums, etc. He's a totally different baby! Like, really starting to become a toddler.)

I'm not too worried about the solids, but just wondering how much your babies were eating around this age.

P.S. I am a little worried about iron.


Melissa - posted on 05/28/2011




None of my kids were eating Solids around that age... two of them starting tasting a bit of solids after 9 months and two of them only started around 11 months.

I don't agree with the pp at all... Babies do NOT need solids for iron after 6 months... the iron found in breast milk may be low but it is absorbed by the body much more efficiently then the iron available in artificial sources.

Solids are supposed to compliment breast milk in the first year, but not replace it. It is there for texture and tastes but not for nourishment.

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My girls were eating 3 meals a day. They are 9 now, healthy, happy, thriving well.

My son was eating once a day on random, rare occasions. He's 3 now and also happy, healthy, and thriving well.

Heather - posted on 05/30/2011




both my boys were BF, my first till 31 mo and my 2nd till 48 mo. My first did not eat any solids till 9 1/2 mo and my 2nd started solids at 8 1/2 mo. I never worried about how much they were eating becasue they were nursing. I only offered up healthy choices so i knew that they food t hey were taking in is quality. Even at 12 or 14 mo the boys did not eat solids every day. Both boys have always been very healthy. My older son by the time he was 2 1/2 i felt luckyu to get 15-20 bites of food in to him a day then a week after he weened he was eating more then me so even tho he only nursed a few times a day he still got most of what he needed from BM even as a 2 1/2 yr old....also both my boys were big...they both hit 20lbs by 5 mo and 25lbs by 8 mo so i never worried bout their size. Also as long as you are feeding h im healthy food i would not worry bout iron (BTW we are also vegitarian so the iron we get is mostly from leafy green veggies and the kids have always tested fine on iron). Also keep in mind that the iron found in fortified foods is usually synthetic and the iron in BM is natural and meant for your baby so it is bioavailable and goes right to work in his body. I think maybe babies who are souly formula fed may need a little extra but not BF babes. Good luck :o)


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Vicki - posted on 05/30/2011




My boy was initially interested at 6 months, then got bored with solids until after a year. I kept offering but didn't push it. I was a bit stressed about it though, next time I won't stress. If they eat fine, if they don't, then boob milk does the job. Now (23 months) he wants to eat lots and it's a pain! Have to remember to take snacks everywhere, too much hassle for lazy old me.

Minnie - posted on 05/29/2011




My first, a few meals, but that was because we forced solids and forced weaning upon her, at the doctor's advice.

My second, none at all at that age.

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By the way, eating does not get less messy by 21 months - at the moment Nina enjoys making little heaps of rice, just to wipe them onto the floor in one big swipe. And then she walks over it with her socks. Aaaah - toddlers. Good luck!

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My daughter wasn't really interested until about 10 months, but only really started eating by maybe 11 months. If you are worried about iron, I think your doctor can check that. But seeing that you are nursing I wouldn't worry about it all that much yet. That said - I was soooo stressed around that time! I wish I had known about baby-led weaning back then...

Mel - posted on 05/28/2011




Hi Liz, according to my research babies do need solids for iron from 6 months so I would keep offering if you can. In answer to your question my daughter is 10 months and from 4 months of age she has eaten ALOT of solids and still breast feed 7-10 times a day. She eats her own big meal then her sisters for breakky lunch and dinner, but every baby is so different

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