How much weight does your toddler put on in a month?

Jessica - posted on 06/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has always been small, as are both myself and my husband! When he was born he was EBF and was putting on lots of weigh, he slowed down around 7-8months and eating heaps of solids. I wasn't concerned as he was still putting on weight and was a very active baby! He is now 22 months and still very active, still small for his age and hardly gets sick, he usually eats lots of food but sometimes gets fussy and still has one breastfeed a day! but since he was 18months he has only put on about 350grams!
Has anyone one had similar? how much weight do your kids put on? any suggestions?


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Lucy - posted on 06/22/2011




My son also put on very little weight between about 14 months and 2 years, and I began to be concerned, but since he had a healthy appetite, his milestones were advanced and the clinic sister wasn't worried, I let it be. Now since he's turned 2 he's shot up!

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I have to say, I stopped paying attention to weight gain. lol. My daughter's weight slowed drastically around 9 months, but there was no concern. Babies do slow their weight gain towards the end of their first year or else they would be huge. My daughter is now two and she's put on about 7 lbs in the last year. So it averages out to about a 1/2 lb a month. My friend's daughter is a few months older than mine, but she's several pounds smaller. Like your son, she eats very well, is active, happy and meeting milestones so there's no concern with her either. How much does your son weigh total? He sounds normal, just on the small side and that's ok.

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