How odd are these pediatrician recommendations?

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I have a breast fed, healthy 9 month old baby. She currently weighs 20 lbs. My pediatrician has said some very odd things concerning my daughter since day one.

1) When my daughter was a newborn we were giving her donor milk( I was adamant about BF). I was having extreme pain with breastfeeding. When we asked the pediatrician about purchasing donor milk to take home until I could establish breastfeeding she firmly said "NO" if I couldn't nurse I should switch to formula.

2) She suggested that I give her vitamins because my daughter wasn't taking formula. When I said that my daughter takes formula on weekends only because I work, she responded with "that isn't enough formula, she needs to take these vitamins, or give her more formula."

3) 4 month app she told me to start rice cereal. It constipated her so I stopped. She told me to start giving it to her anyway, she would get used to it.

4) My daughter was overweight at her 7 month appointment(she was 23 lbs). Again, mostly breast formula on weekends.

5) 8 month I was told to stop giving her the chunky baby food and to start giving her table food. She suggested that I give her formula in a sippy cup to drink, NO baby juice because she says it is sugar water. It is suggested that I nurse TWICE a day and give her table foods any other time. I am to STOP nursing at 1 year old.


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It does sound like you've gotten very poor advice. Any chance you can switch to another Dr?

To try to answer your questions:
1 - why would a dr suggest formula..... well either because that Dr is uneducated about breastfeeding and all the benefits that go along with it, or because the formula companies PUSH their products so well, or simply because your Dr isn't familiar with donated breast milk and therefore doesn't know that it's safe so therefore won't recommend that you use it.

2 - if you are taking a mulit vitamin and eating healthy foods and breastfeeding, I wouldn't worry about giving your LO vitamins yet. The only vitamin that there seems to be a legitimate argument for is Vitamin D. And you can get the kind that is pure Vitamin D. All you do is put one drop either on your breast before baby nurses or in her bottle. Again... a dr uneducated about breastfeeding may not know this. It's amazing how little time is spent during med school on infant nutrition and on breastfeeding. If your Dr hasn't purposely pursued CE about breastfeeding then there's a good chance your Dr. doesn't know any more about it than the average person.

3 Rice cereal is NOT necessary. And in fact more and more studies are coming out saying it's better to avoid it all together. From what I've read rice cereal became the thing to do back in the 50's (timeframe may be off a bit here). Formula was becoming very popular and many babies were not getting enough vitamins from the formulas. So enriched cereal was the way to get more vitamins. Today's formulas are better so the cereal isn't needed, and of course breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby so again - no need for the cereal. And... adding cereal when baby isn't gaining well generally doesn't do as much as was once thought. Cereal is lower in calories than breast milk so an underfed baby needs more breast milk... not cereal.

4 - I can't believe your Dr told you your LO was overweight. Ugh! And you're right, a breastfed baby can't overeat. However a bottle fed baby can overeat... and that's true whether it's formula or breast milk in the bottle.

5 - I don't know why the Dr felt the need to push this one. if your baby likes the baby foods then sure keep feeding baby foods. My older daughter loved puree's and actually still does. My younger daughter wanted nothing to do with baby food so we moved straight to table food. Mostly at first it was just fruits and veggies cut up small rather than pureed, but it soon turned into her eating what she thought looked good off of my plate. As far as the allergies are concerned - I also added foods slowly at first so I could keep track of what my girls were eating and any reactions etc. But ultimately we missed the food reaction because the food that both my girls are sensitive to was in my diet and therefore they were getting exposed to it from my breastmilk. That's a whole other story for another time.

And at 9 months old your babies main source of nutrition should be from either breastmilk or from formula. Solids are for fun, learning new tastes and textures. "food for fun until they're one"

And NO you do not have to stop nursing at 1 year old. The american academy of pediatrics says "exclusive breastfeeding for about the first six months of a baby's life, followed by breastfeeding in combination with the introduction of complementary foods until at least 12 months of age, and continuation of breastfeeding for as long as mutually desired by mother and baby." Everyone seems to forget the last part of this... AS LONG AS MUTUALLY DESIRED BY MOTHER AND BABY. They don't give an age at which breastfeeding should stop. They don't say human milk is no longer good for a human baby after xxxx months/years/whatever time frame. They say NURSE for AT LEAST 1 year.

You want more info about breastfeeding past a year and the benefits that come with it. Check out the pinned conversation at the top of this group. I've also provided a link to it here.

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The nursing advice is terrible at best! The only thing I might agree with her is table food. We did baby led weaning, which meant no cereal and no purees. My twins ate what we ate. But the rest of it is ridiculous.


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What about baby juice? I read the label and saw no added sugar. I thought sippy cups were better than bottles for babies with 4 front teeth. Thank you for responding.

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I agree about the juice, there is no nutrition and is full of sugar. As a dentist, sippy cups are bad for babies oral development. Stick with the bottle or when she can, just drink from a cup.
I would change Dr's.

Lana - posted on 08/08/2013




1) Why would any pediatrician suggest formula to a mother committed to breastfeeding? Donor milk is tested.

2) I take a multivitamin and add nutritious foods to my diet.

3) Why is rice cereal so necessary? I thought it was added to introduce children to solid foods, and or added to foods when babies aren't gaining well.

4) How is a baby on breast, solids sparingly, and formula on weekends overweight? To my understanding breast babies can't overeat.

5) Baby foods are preservative free and made from purer ingredients. Why would I give her foods that are seasoned? It seems the smartest to keep her diet pure as possible. If she is allergic to something I would have no clue what it was if i'm giving her table foods.

She is on target, or ahead on all developments. The only thing she doesn't do is pull up. She pulls up to her kness though so she is getting there.

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