How often does your 2yr old or older bf?

Merry - posted on 03/09/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Eric will be two in a month. It's 10 am and he has already breastfed five times today. Once at 4am, once at 7, at 8, at 9 and a really long one at 10. And i also redirected him three times with some water. I expect he will ask again around 12 then when he goes for a nap at 130, when he wakes sometime around 4, and of course before bed at 830. And thats minimum. So that's in addition to meals of course, he eats alot in the mornings, and when he wakes from nap he eats a ton too, and always something right before bed as well.

So that's his average 8-9 times a day, he has been like this since he was under a year, well maybe even more times before a year.

I'm 7 months pregnant so he isn't getting much from me right now, it's colostrum anyways, but the amount he asks has remained stable for over a year.

I assume this means he is just still far away from weaning, and that's ok. But I keep seeing that most two year olds are down to like 2-4 times a day and Eric is way more then that!

I don't mind at all, it's no bother to me, but I'm wondering if there's other two year olds who are also asking this much.

And I wonder if he will ask less or more when my milk comes in? Less maybe because he will be satisfied with a good amount of milk, or more because he finally has something coming out!

I'm eager to find out, but it could go either way I think


Celeste - posted on 03/09/2011




My boys at that age were nursing 2-3 times a day, but that was because I set limits on them. If I didn't, they probably would've nursed a lot more!

Can't help on the nursing while pregnant though!

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I think I asked this same question about a year ago..... ;)

If I remember correctly, my son was nursing about 5-7 (average) times per day/night at that age... and that was cutting down almost half from when he was about 6 months younger. He'll be 3 on the 27th and is now at 1-5 time/day. No night nursing (except for a couple of times he was sick) anymore.


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