How often should a 5 month old be breastfeeding?

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My 5 month old, Katelynn, is being breastfed every 2 hours like clockwork. If I try and stretch it out she spends the time crying. Is it normal for a baby to eat that often? We put her down around 730-8 every night and she usually sleeps through the entire night (although she's recently figured out how to roll onto her tummy so she'll wake up screaming because she can't roll back over yet). She wakes up around 5am, eats and goes back to sleep until about 7am. Then it's every 2 hours until bed time. Is this normal? I've also started her on rice cereal mixed with formula - it's giving her terrible gas (her farts smell terrible). Is that a sign she's allergic to the formula, or is it just harder for her to digest?? I appreciate any suggestions - she's my one and only.


Yvonne - posted on 05/02/2009




every baby is different. mine nurses every 2 hours or whenever she's hungry.
sounds like this is "normal" for her. ( the 2 hour thing) as for the rice cereal/formula...i'm starting with sweet potatoes, avocados then peas...saving the grains for later -and not doing the formula-will continue bf and expressing. good luck.

Shawna - posted on 05/02/2009




My son is 6 months and eats every 2 hrs during the day also. At night he eats every 3 sometimes every 2. If im lucky he will go 4 hrs but that doesn't happen too often. I think it if completely normal. Ur baby is sleeping threw the night too so maybe she feeds more during the day to help make it threw the night... i don't really know. Every baby is different :-)

Emily - posted on 05/02/2009




It could be the fact that she is sleeping for such a long stretch at night that she is eating more during the day. It is completely normal for babies to nurse every two hours. Mine go a 12 hour stretch at night. In the morning they eat every two hours with a decent sized solid meal with nursing when they first get up.

As for the rice cereal. Single grain oatmeal won't constipate her. I switched to that after a week. My girls are very uncomforatble when they get rice and have difficulty pooing for days! Also, I agree that formula is much harder to digest. I used water last night for the first time since I am away and I didn't have any breastmilk. It was fine (though not sweet so I added a little prunes with it so they didn't fuss about it). How about using a hand pump after each feeding, by the end of the day you should have collected enough milk for the cereal for the next day. Hand pumps are pretty cheap...

Tara - posted on 05/01/2009




Formula is alot harder for babies to digest and often causes gas pain and colic. If you have a pump you may want to pump breast milk to mix or just use water. If you want to stay with formula look for one that has the least amount of ingredients. Many of the extras put in formula are sales gimics (DHA as an example) which irritate babies stomach. They also have not been shown to be bioavailable to infants.

With the regular feeds, is she suckling long enough to get the hind milk? Or are you feeling stressed about the feedings?(sometimes can hinder the ejection of hind milk) If you don't feel she has emptied the one breast maybe start her on the same breast the next feed (alternating mid feed so you are not in pain) The fore milk is thirst quenching but will move through her rapidly and she will be hungry again. Hope it helps, at times it can feel like you breastfeed all day.


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Kanika - posted on 08/13/2016




hi evryone.. i have a 5 month old daughter.. Doctor has started cerelac n banana in her everyday meal.. so because of this her breastfeeding is getting ignored.. she takes breastfeed arnd 4-5 times a day.. is it fyn or i shud reduce the diet n feed her with breastmilk..? pls let me noe.. i m v confused

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