how the heck do I stop nursing??

Kris - posted on 05/29/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




So..I have a soon-to-be 13 year old son, an 11 yr. old son, and a 16 month old daughter. I nursed both boys for one year. I planned on doing one year with my daughter..however I don't seem to be able to figure out how to quit. I'd like to stop, 'cuz I think she wakes up at night just to have me nurse her!!! HELP WITH AMY IDEAS?



Allison - posted on 05/29/2009




I highly recommend the book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler by Norma Jane Bumgarner. It discusses how breastfeeding changes as baby gets older. I've always found it very helpful in understanding how important nursing is for my toddler as well as giving me ideas on how to continue meeting my child's nursing needs while still making sure I am comfortable with the nursing relationship. The book also discusses how to approach weaning and gives good strategies.

It's ok for toddlers to wake to nurse. My daughter woke to nurse a lot, and even after I nightweaned her, she still woke every few hours until age 2 and needed help going back to sleep (frankly nursing back to sleep was easier and less disruptive than rocking). I didn't nightwean my son, and he started sleeping all night on his own at 20 months. I think kids sleep all night when they are ready, whether they nurse or not.

Also keep in mind that teething can cause toddlers to nurse often at night, because nursing relieves the pain. Some pain reliever before bed might help with this some. My kids both slept better after their 2 year molars arrived.

One strategy that worked for us at might was telling my daughter she had to wait until the sun came up to nurse again. You daughter might be old enough to get this now, or she might need a few more months to understand. You certainly don't need to wean completely if it's just the nighttime nursing that is problematic for you.

Good luck.

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