How to build a stash of breastmilk?

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Hi, I am a new mom, my baby is one month and one week old. I work outside home from 8-5 every day, I am currently in maternity leave and I return to work on February 2009. Francesca has a great latch, breastfeeding has been wonderful, no cracked nipples, no sore breasts, no back pain...great supply for her demand. I have been breastfeeding her on demand since her birth and I want to continue to give her breastmilk even if I return to work, my mother in law will be caring for her when I return so I can trust her giving her my milk, the only thing is that I don't know how to increment the supply in order to start a stash of milk in my deep fridge.

Should I pump when she is done sucking or before? what is the best container to freeze the milk?

I will appreciate your help very much




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Does she sleep through the night? If so you can pump an hour or two after you put her to bed. Also after the first feeding in the morning, as she won't empty your breasts then. Generally its best I think to pump after feeding, also because the milk you'll get then is fatter filling up baby better and making her more content which is a bonus when you're not around. To freeze milk you can buy gerber or other brand freezer bags for breast milk. They are very thick and durable and won't break. To get the air out I hold them under water up to the zipper and then close. You can also freeze the milk in plastic or glass bottles, if you are using a medela, they have extra storage bottles for sale that work great in the freezer. You can add breast milk on top of frozen milk, as long as you let it cool down in the fridge first, so if you don't fill a bottle you can top it up with the next pumping. There are some great resources available on breast milk storage, just google it. I applaud you for wanting to carry on with breast milk when you go back to work. Most moms don't bother, because it's hard pumping at work the 3 times you have to in order to keep up supply and get enough to take home for baby the next day. Make sure you keep breastfeeding when you are home so your breast get stimulated enough, pumping is not always that effective in keeping up supply. Best of luck!!!


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Good luck.. I went back to work after fighting to keep my job, just yesterday. My son is 14 weeks today, and I all though have about a week's worth of milk stored, chose to supplement with small amounts of formula.... I have done this once, and know that with the job I hold... I do not always have the time to pump. So, I pump what I can while at home, on top of nursing my son, and then pump at least twice while at work. Yesterday I was able to get 10 oz, an dwill mix it with 10oz of formula as well to make enough for him while I am gone today.

As far as freezing, I have the lansinoh bags all dated and easily disposed of, and easily thawed in warm water. I store them in an actual "breastmilk" storage bin in the freezer, way in the back to that they do not hit air unless I pull them out....

I hope you are able to do better than me.. I would have preferred to go no formula, but got told on Wednesday that I was getting my job back... so I wasn't prepared!

Crystal - posted on 12/01/2008




rita replied pretty thoroughly. i pumped when i went back with my first son and from my experience i would suggest that you make sure you pump timely--in other words don't skip a normal feeding cycle or your supply will diminish. don't give up breastfeeding, especially now. your baby needs as much of you as she can get! great job! p.s. i love the name francesca. it was one i considered if i were going to have a girl (i have two boys).

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