how to get my 18 month old son to stop breastfeeding???

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my 18 month old son will not take any cup or bottle. i have been trying to break him from the breast for about a month now, and nothing i try or do!


Jade - posted on 02/22/2012




when my daugher was 16 months, I was nursing 4 times/day (first thing in the morning, before both naps, and before bed). I stopped offering the breast at one of her naps and instead replaced it with breast milk or cows milk in a bottle for about a week. Then I did the same with her second nap. The bedtime feed was more important to me so I stopped offering the breast in the morning. By the time I stopped nursing at night, she didn't even care that I wasn't offering it to her. It was much easier than I expected. If your son won't take a bottle or cup I'd suggest trying different kinds...the only bottles my daughter ever used were "soothie" bottles made by The First Years. There are sooo many options it can be pretty tough to find the right one for your child. But don't forget, if neither one of you is ready to give up nursing, there's nothing wrong with continuing for a while longer and trying again in a month or two. But I know how you feel, you just want your boobies back haha Good luck!


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Celeste - posted on 02/22/2012




It's perfectly fine to let him nurse (many moms don't realize it's OK to nurse at this age and that the WHO recommends to 2 or beyond)

However, if you're just ready to wean, here are some ideas (not sure if you've tried these)

-I'd wean slowly. Try distractions and substitutions. I know for my twin boys, the couch was the place that we nursed. So, I avoided that place. I tried keeping them occupied so they wouldn't think about it.

-Limit their nursings. I'd say "OK, when I get to 10, nah nahs are all done!"

Here are some more techniques

Good luck!

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