How to help my 10mnth old gain wieght while still breastfeeding?


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Ania - posted on 12/13/2012




The main source of food at this point still should be breastmilk, solids are just for fun. Frequent feedings should help. My question though is..if your baby is meeting developmental milstones and is happy there is nothing wrong with that. Also after first 6 months of age breastfed babies slow down and don't gain that much anymore

Lori - posted on 12/12/2012




First of all... please give a little history as to why you want to help your 10 month old gain weight!

Has he/she lost weight recently? Is your baby in a lower percentile that your doctor would prefer to see? Has your baby stopped gaining weight at all over the past several months?

Breast fed babies tend to grow faster than formula fed babies during the first 3 months, but then they grow slower than formula fed babies after that. If you're wanting to get your baby to gain weight so he can be in the 50th percentile... it's probably not a great reason to change eating habits. If you're baby is having trouble keeping food down, or is loosing weight - then you need help getting his weight up.

At 10 months old the main source of food should still be breastmilk. Do you feed on demand???? I nursed on demand for both of my girls until past their first birthday. How often do you give solid foods, and what do you feed?

Most baby foods are lower in calories than breastmilk is. If your baby needs to gain weight, my first suggestion is to breastfeed more frequently. But without knowing how frequently you currently nurse it's hard to say.

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