How to increase breastmilk supply?

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I am a mum to a 2 weeks old baby. I wants to know the fastest way to increase my milk supply. Presently I managed to pump 20 to 40ml each time only. Please help!


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#1 drink at least a gallon a day of water

#2 fenugreek supplements work pretty well

quinoa is supposed to help to, I bought some at the health food store and will be grinding it for flour tomorrow, let you know if it works.


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Tessa - posted on 07/21/2009




I had the same problem as you. best advice, lots of water, healthy food, and I used Blessed Thistle Tablets that I get from my local health shop

Katie - posted on 07/21/2009




Why are you pumping instead of putting your baby to breast? Breastfeeding around the clock, on demand, is the single most effective way to increase your milk supply. A pump simply cannot stimulate your breasts like your baby can. So, clearly my first recommendation would be to nurse at LEAST 10-12 times a day, for as long as the baby will nurse.
If for some reason breastfeeding is not an option for you, then you need to think about the pump you are using and how you are using it. You should at least be using a Medela Pump In Style Advanced, and if you are exclusively pumping, you really should be renting a hospital grade breast pump from a medical supply store. These are your only hope to keep your supply from diminishing. You should be pumping as much as possible, at LEAST every 2 hours, more if you can.

Now, there are a few remedies out there that can help. First is fenugreek, which you can buy as capsules at GNC or other stores like it. Find out how much you need to take. It will make you and baby smell like maple syrup, but it is moderately effective. Also, you should definitely ask your doctor for a prescription for Reglan, which helps rebuild a milk supply.

If I were you I would get going on all these things IMMEDIATELY; once you let your supply drop it is very hard to bring it back up again. And make sure you're getting adequate nutrition and fluids every day.

Finally- contact a lactation consultant. They probably have several where you delivered your baby who can help you, OR you could get in touch with your local La Leche League, who know evvvvvverything about this stuff and can give you all the help you need. Their website is, and from there you can locate your nearest specialist.

I hope this helps you out some! Please let me know if any of it works.

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Organic Mother's Milk tea has been helpful for me but I've found that you really can't tell what your milk supply is truly like until close to 6 weeks. So perhaps give it some time and nurse as often as you can. Your supply may naturally increase on its own.

Lauren - posted on 07/21/2009




Feed, feed, & feed some more. You don't need to do anything except remove milk from the breast in order to make more milk. Avoid giving anything else to your baby to suck. If you think it wants to suck, offer your nipple this will also stimulate your production, even if he/she isn't going there for the milk IYKWIM. But like Tiera says you're baby won't be takign much yet as their stomach is so small at that age. Pumping after a feed will help stimulate your supply too

Tiera - posted on 07/21/2009




Nurse like crazy, don't supplement, get plenty of sleep, eat well, pump after nursing- even if you don't get much you'll still be stimulating your body to increase production. At only 2 weeks post delivery, you won't get much when you pump. Your baby is not eating that much at each feeding yet. As his appetite increases, your production will too. Remember breastfeeding follows the rules of supply and demand.

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