How to stop toddler from touching breast

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Hi! I breast Fed until my son was 14 months. He decided he was done. Now he is 3 and he sucks his fingers, he has done this since he was 3 or 4 months old. He does it for comfort usually at bedtime and if I'm holding him(cuddle time) the past few months he has started to gently touch my breast and I tell him please don't do that. He stops then continues so I eventually get a annoyed and he crys. Why would he start doing this??? Does he remember nursing?? He use to do that when he nursed. Should I be worried he is doing this? Anyone else experiencing this


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I only stopped nursing my 16 month old daughter about 3-4 weeks ago. Ever since then, she doesn't try to nurse, but when I'm holding her (even just carrying her around) she constantly is trying to put her hands on my breasts! She even sticks her hand down my bra and pinches my nipples (ouch!) lol. It drives me insane but I know it's normal and it's a comfort thing, especially at night. I usually just re-direct her hand to my neck or hold her hand so she still has the skin-to-skin contact she's looking for. This is totally normal for a toddler, especially one who was breastfed.

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I wouldn't be worried, I believe it's fairly common. My twin boys still do that and it drives me BONKERS. A friend of mine whose daughter weaned at 18 months was doing that when she was around 3, as well.

I try to get them distracted and keep their hands busy doing something else. It's hard, though, especially when it's at night (my boys wake up and go to my bed around 3 am and sleep til 7.

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He remembers, but he just needs to be comforted as nursing comforts as well as nourishes. Just gently re-direct his attention and cuddle him.

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I wouldn't be worried about it. Kids like to cuddle.

If it bothers you (as it did/does me) move his hand away and hold it. My son nursed til 3.25 and is only 3.75 now. While he was nursing I was ok if his hand was just lying there, but he was always fidgeting and stuff so he learned fairly early that Mommy could NOT handle that. I just redirected him gently and consistently.

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