How to wean a toddler from night-time feedings?


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My daughter nursed at night until 18 months. She would wake and nurse, but not go back to sleep. Basically it just stopped working for us. So when she didn't go back to sleep after nursing I would rub her back or lay and cuddle with her until she fell back to sleep (we cuddled in our guest room then I moved her to her crib). I slowly tranisitioned to not offering the breast at all and would just rub her back or cuddle with her. After a week or so she stopped waking at all. When we tranisitioned to a big bed she woke a few times and then daddy got into the habit of sleeping all night with her. Either way, I get sleep so I don't care :)

Lucy - posted on 06/22/2011




A few nights of crying! My son, after going through the night most nights for a few months, got back into the habit of feeding at night when he was about 15 months. I put up with it for a while, but then decided enough was enough and told him one bedtime that there would be no more milk in the night, and he could have it in the morning when the sun was up. Of course he woke up and cried for it, but I repeated what I'd said, and he did go back to sleep after a while. It took a few nights for this to sink in, but it did, and since then he's slept 12 hours a night almost every night, what a pleasure :)

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