How to wean my 3 month old from the breast? HORRIBLE PAIN

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I've been having a HORRIBLE time breastfeeding. My daughter is 10 weeks old, and I think I've only given her 1 bottle because I've been determined to nurse exclusively until I return to work. Its always been difficult with her and I saw a LC and my latch was fine, but I did have thrush. Baby and I were both treated but the cracks in my nipples never healed. I'm having a difficult time getting her to open her nouth wide enough, rubbing my nipple across her lip is painful and doesn't work, I've even tried to gently pull her chin down and pull her on but that doesn't help.

Both of my nipples have a crack basically around the whole nipple I've had 2 times where I've had blood dripping from the cut. When she latches on it's the most intense pain, I literally I have to prepare myself for a a good 10 before I can latch her on. the whole time she's crying and im shaking and sweating. I love the bond of nursing but the pain is getting worse, I can't get in to see the LC until friday and i just don't think i can make it.

Anyone know how I can start the weaning process?


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I worked in a nursing home for a long time, and there I discovered Calmoseptine cream. It is available at most pharmacies but it's kept behind the counter. It is wonderful for mild to extreme diaper rash, but the package also indicates use for minor scrapes cuts and burns, as well as insect bites. I have used this "cure all" on sunburns, boils, staff infections, and of course diader rash. It works when nothing else will. About two weeks into feeding my youngest, my very first cracked nipple threatened my sanity.... I thought I was going to die. That is absolutely the most incredible pain ever!!! Yes, I went for my little tube of miracle cream... Healed within 24 hours! Plus, it has menthol in it, so it provides instant relief!

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I know that Friday seems so far away, but maybe we can try some things in the meantime that do not involve weaning.

Babies should "lead in" with the chin. This means that the nipple should point towards the roof of the mouth. In the football position is the best way to ensure that she leads in with the chin. Also, instead of rubbing/tickling her lips with your nipple, tickle her nose with it. Or just rest your nipple at her nose. This will force her to move her mouth and head upward and force her to open wide. This may help to achieve a better latch. If you repair the latch, the pain will go away. Make sure that your baby's mouth, latch and nipples are all fully examined by the LC. This is to rule out any medical issues that could be causing the pain or the incorrect latching.

Also, skin to skin contact, skin to skin contact, skin to skin contact.... I'm sure you are getting my point. :o) Lots of skin to skin contact (meaning just relaxing with baby at your exposed breast) is helpful with pretty much any breastfeeding problem. This may help her to latch on by herself with the correct latch.

Keep putting a little breast milk on your breasts in between feedings to promote healing. Lanolin (Lansinoh) works well, too. Also, try to give your breasts some "freedom" from clothing some throughout the day. Clothing can rub and irritate sore nipples. It is also good prevention for thrush.

I hope this helps. If things don't get better very quickly, please send me a message.

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You can try squeezing extra breast milk out after each feed. Rub it into your nipples and let it air dry. Has she been checked for a tongue tie? If her latch looks good, but she's still causing that much damage that's the only thing I can think of.

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I am sorry to hear you have having such a bad time. Before you ween, there are a few other things you can try if you are up to it. First before and after you breastfeed your child, express some milk and rub it into your nipples, it will help with the healing process.

Have you tried different holds, Ie the football hold?

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