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My son is 3 months old now. He is a part time co-sleeper, starting the night in his cradle at the end of our bed and then moving to our bed after 3:00am. I got in the habit of feeding him whenever he stirred/cried/moved excessively, but have now run into the problem that he thinks he needs me to fall asleep. This means that I'm up with him every hour because once he's through a sleep cycle, he wakes up and wants mommy.

I've just started trying the techniques in The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, namely establishing a bedtime routine, gently popping him off the boob before he's completely asleep, and getting my husband to get up with him on some of his awakenings. I was wondering if anyone else has had success with the techniques in this book, and how long it was before you noticed a big difference? Also, what are the effects of teething and sleep patterns that you've noticed (since I believe we may be starting a bit early)?

Thanks for any advice!!!!


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When my daughter was 3-4 months old she started with a long "frequency days" period, which meant she nursed more than normal for 1-2 weeks. After that, she settled back into her original routine. The 3 month mark is when a lot of babies intensify their nursing, which some Moms interpret to mean that they aren't producing enough milk. Instead, it's just that the baby is "training" the milk to a new level of growth. After a while - the intensity dies down again. Go with your heart, and don't give up! Good luck.

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Teething, growth spurts and developmental leaps all impact sleeping BIG time. Especially the 1st year.

They say all cries should be responded to until at least 6mo. usually. Also, remember breast milk digests VERY quickly and efficiently, so there is a good chance baby may need to nurse.

At 6mo. my son started waking a lot in the night, every 1.5 hours and I work full time and was going crazy due to lack of sleep. So at the advice of my ob we started bed-sharing full time. Turns out we loved it. He could nurse, I could sleep. By about 18mo. he night weaned mainly on his own. Then just a little before 2yrs, we transitioned him nicely, easily into his own toddler bed at the end of our bed.

Remember, as Elizabeth points out in her book (I believe), sleeping through the night is considered by most experts as any 4-6 hour stretch. Early on, they need lots of comforting and nursing for nutrition as well. You might consider cluster feeding of an evening too as I found this helped my son sleep longer.

Here is a "calendar" on times when sleeping will be impacted the 1st year. If found our son followed this to a T.... although he often started a fussy period earlier and it would last a little longer too.

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do you use a pacifier?    it sounds to me that yer baby wakes up when he transistions  from REM to Non-REM sleep. (just like u said)  We had the same issue, and my boy is 3 months too!! so what i did was give him the pacifier.  When he spits it out (about 2  min after) i dont give it back.  Unless he wakes again, then i do this all over again and eventualy he falls asleep. Takes patience!! He sleeps for about 4 hours, then i nurse, then he goes back to sleep without much assistance, then wakes up 3-4 hours later.  I dont know if this helps at all, but we were once all night nursers!!

i have been using some of the Lul-a-bye (no cry) sleep plan suggestions, and it has helped!


also i am curious as well about the teething and sleeping...

good luck!

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