Hylands teething tabs SCARE!

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Found this on another forum!

My apologies if I'm repeating this thread but this issue is serious and I think we need to spread the word. This happened to one of our Jul07 mommies and it's important that everyone be warned of the potential danger. I'm pasting her post.

I am writing this to inform you of some potential dangers with Hyland's Teething Tablets. My DH and I just returned from the ER with our 5 month old LO. Please excuse any syntactical and grammatical errors in this post as I haven't been to sleep in over 36 hours.

Prior to purchasing Hyland's, I did research and spoke to a physician about the safety. Everything I read online, including personal experiences on BC, indicated that it was safe. I was highly concerned about the Belladonna Hyland's contains. All the websites that exist reviewing the product RAVE about it. I decided to use it. We gave our LO the recommended dosage on the days that he was having a hard time teething. We NEVER gave him more than the suggested amount. He never had a problem until last night.

We purchased a new bottle to keep upstairs. We used this bottle for the first time yesterday. We gave him a dose during the early afternoon and then one at around midnight. At 1 am he began to toss and turn in his bed. He was very restless but never cried. I picked him up and offered him the breast. He refused to nurse. He didn't fuss or make a sound but was WIDE AWAKE. My DH took him downstairs to rock him and he continued to move constantly. It was like he was moving involuntarily. My DH brought him up to me again and I noticed that his pupils were dilated. He could not focus on either of us. He kept looking around. He wanted to touch every thing and was fascinated with his hands and our clothing.

He appeared to be having a petite mall seizure and exhibited other anticholinergic effects that you typically see when someone is "tripping" on LSD or other street drugs. Because he would not cry, coo, babble, smile, or anything we decided to take him to the ER. He had not slept, had a wet diaper, nor nursed in 14 hours.

I will try to keep this brief. My son experienced Belladonna poisoning from the recommended dose of Hyland's Teething tablets. The preliminary tests they did on random samples of tablets in the bottle we were using showed a variance of 50 to 1000% of belladonna. The national poison control center stated that they are seeing more and more of this and they are trying to get stores to stop carrying this product.

I have never posted a single post or thread suggesting to anyone how to raise their children. I have my opinions on many of the topics that cause controversy but I have never posted that I think you should BF or FF or Vax or anything else. I firmly believe that we are all in the best position to make informed decisions about our children's care. However, I was certain that this product was safe and it isn't.

Even if you have used it and had success does not mean that the next bottle isn't going to be toxic to your child. This product is not regulated by the FDA or any other organization so there is no way to know how much belladonna is in each tablet regardless of what the bottle says.

My son could have died if ingested any more of this product. Please take the necessary precautions. No amount of sleep for you or your child is worth the potential of going through what we just experienced.

He is still slightly out of it and isn't responding as usual but he is coming around. After flushing his system he finally wet a diaper. He is drinking enfalyte (the infant version of pedialyte). I am a EBF and very strict about not giving him anything else but it is the only thing he will take and it is the only way to get him to pee. After each diaper he wets he seems to get somewhat more like the our baby.

Please don't take this thread as anything other than a concerned parent attempting to give you information. I hesitated posting this because of all the drama that we have had on this board. I do not wish to anger or cause anyone to feel the need to debate. I respect everyone's opinion. Thank you for your time.

Here is a link that can provide you some information regarding belladonna's harmful effects.

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Wow I used these with my son and honestly encouraged everyone I knew about them they were the best things in the world!! i am shocked there is such a variance, but guess I shouldn't be.. ther eisn't quality control in anything anymore it seems.. thank you so much for posting this on multiple boards so people can see it, I guess I wont be using these for Maggie...

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Below is part of a note directly from the Safety Information Page of Hyland's website. It goes on to explain in detail the ingredients and amounts in the tablets. I suggest everyone read it before jumping off the ledge about this supposed incident. The link to the page is http://www.hylands.com/news/teethinginfo... but you can also just Google Hyland's Teething Tablets if you don't believe this link. Read below for part of their statement.

An Internet post has come to our attention stating that a child had a reaction to the Belladonna in Hyland’s Teething Tablets. While we do not have the details of the incident, we want to provide you the following information.

Hyland’s is a reputable manufacturer of homeopathic drugs since 1903. In the more than 60 years that Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been on the market, we have received no significant adverse events reports related to the product. In addition, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has told Hyland’s that it has received no report of a serious adverse reaction to Teething Tablets.

Our #1 priority as a company has always been providing safe, effective healthcare to our consumers, especially the children that we serve. Our pharmacist is available 24/7 at 1-800-624-9659 to provide emergency information to consumers and the medical community. As an FDA-regulated drug manufacturer, we adhere to all mandated standards and practices to ensure the highest quality product. Please feel free to contact us at the same number with any concerns. More information on Hyland’s Teething Tablets is available in the document below.


Contact: Mary C. Borneman: Hyland’s Inc., 800/624-9659

Dana - posted on 08/03/2009




What a crock. I came across someone on COM who was talking trash about Hyland's and saying just b/c it says it's natural doesn't mean it that it is. Also that it has belladonna and it's poisonous. Blah, Blah, Blah..... Yes, high doses of belladonna can be poisonous, but if Hyland's was so dangerous it wouldn't be on the shelves. The FDA has been kind of lax of late but they're not trying to poison our children. It's like some people have something against anything natural or homeopathic medicines. This same girl was pushing Tylenol, which I do use but, look at how the FDA is looking more into that.

[deleted account]

Yeah, if you search the net on Hyland's Teething tablets, you can see this same "letter", email, whatever is all over the net on various forums... so I think it is likely not true and a bad chain letter.

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