I full-time breastfeed. Anyones friends not being supportive?

Jamie - posted on 07/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have breastfed my daughter and now my son full-time, no bottles. My friends were supportive at first but then started leaving me out of social things like movies, eating out, girls night out, even church stuff. cause they don't want me bringing my baby with me. They like to make a point to do things without kids. They make a lot of comments about how I should have put my kids on bottles. And they have started to go do things, trying to be quiet and not even letting me know.

I'm very good at being discreet. I have the happiest children ever. And my baby rarely if ever cries.

I'm not upset and not going to stop, just thought it was awful that they would act that way. Anyone else run into this problem?


Lori - posted on 07/11/2012




I've been left out of countless activities. I breast fed my 1st and offered bottles of pumped milk when I did have her out or if I left her with her Daddy, but she was never a quiet baby. And I didn't leave her...even with a bottle for more than a few hours, and never at night time. Now with my 2nd, she refused the bottle since the very beginning. Since I stay home with her, I never forced the issue. But when others get together for kid free activities... I just don't go. I've slowly been finding a few like minded friends and we've been doing kid friendly activities together. The one thing that I keep getting asked about though is leaving my girls at bed time. I have never had anyone else put either of my girls to bed. I figure that while I'm breastfeeding, I'll put my LO to bed. When they're big enough to wean, then they'll be big enough for someone else to put them to bed. I get people just shaking their heads at me, or they just stop inviting me out. It kind of sucks, but I also know my girls won't be this little for very long. And I'll be able to go out in the evenings again one day. :)

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