I have a son that is turning 6 months and my supply is decreasing

Phyllis - posted on 11/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just moved into a new home and also have a 3yr old with know help and becoming very depressed that my milk supply is decreasing. Can anyone help me? I pump before bed and use to pump 6 oz and now it's 2 to 4ozs. I do try during the day to breastfeed him but he gets so frustrated that he pulls on me that he's not getting anything to I'm also using formula as well.


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I was coping with low breast milk supply and was struggling hard to build it up so that my baby could get exclusive breast milk. After trying power pumping, breast massage, mother's milk tea, oats etc, finally got luck with Healthy nursing tea.

Emily - posted on 11/21/2010




It's perfectly normal for your pumping output to decrease. Please rest assured that this has NOTHING to do with your supply! Most pumps simply don't get as much milk out as your baby can. And in the beginning, most moms have an oversupply, which is why pumping output can be huge in the beginning. Does NOT mean your supply has tanked. However, giving formula can definitely reduce your supply because your body is not getting that signal from your baby to make the milk. If I were you, I'd put away the bottles and formula and simply nurse. Stop pumping. It will just mess with your head. Your body is making milk all the time, even as your baby nurses. Let your baby's demand help your supply to increase naturally. Just keep putting him back to the breast, even if that means every hour. Only use bottles as an absolute last resort.

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Supplementing is a slippery slope and will cause your supply to decrease. The average output for pumping is 1/2-1 oz from BOTH breasts. Four oz is a great amount to pump. Pumping is not an accurate way to judge supply. The best way to tell if he's getting enough is by output. How many wet/dirty diapers does he have a day? 5-6+ wet diapers means he's doing great. Do you nurse on demand? Do you offer solids? If he's on solids always offer the breast first. Try to stop the formula and nurse him frequently to amp up your supply.

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