I have stopped breastfeeding and my boobs are killing me, do I pump or leave them?


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hey there i was in the same boat about 2 weeks ago. I just had a baby girl and only breastfeed her for a few days because of medical reasons, but the doc told me to where a sports bra and keep in on all day and night for about 4 days till they go down. It has to be a little tight but believe me does it ever feel good them not moving around. You will have to where nursing pads in the bra because you will leak becuase of the binding. I recommend taking some advil or tylenol too that also helps with the pain. The doc said to that he can give you a low dose of birth control and that helps with drying up the milk and keeps you protected. I wouldnt pump even though you might have the urge to but it will make it worse. I stood in a nice hot shower abd let the water run over them. Sometimes cool water helps too. It also helps some of the milk to express too. You will notice in a couple days of wearing a tight sports bra NO UNDERWIRE BRA they will start to get soft, but they will stay engorged for a bit until then, believe me. I hope this works for ya let me know and congrats

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It might sound crazy but drinking fresh peppermint leaves in boiling water (you don't actually drink the leaves just pour boiling water over them, leave for 3 minutes, strain and drink the liquid) reduces your milk supply A LOT and it'll be gone if you drink about 4-5 glasses a day in about 2 days.

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pumping might relieve pressure but all your doing is telling your milk to keep coming in. your just gunna have to stick it out. a friend of mine did the whole ice pack, cabbage leaves and tried to keep as much as warm water off them. it worked for her.

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I breastfed both of my children. When I was ready to stop, I would give them a 2oz. bottle to begin. Then I would let them breastfeed. This way they were getting less of my milk. The next week they would get 3oz. etc. You can pump until your breasts don't hurt, but make sure you are getting less each week. If you want to dry up without pain, it will take about a month to wean your body. It takes time for your body to realize that it needs to stop producing milk. Be patient and you will get through it. ;)

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Relieve it slightly in the shower and wear a tight fitting bra. Don't pump because its too much stimulation... just release some milk with your hand.

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All I did was gradually started feeding less, from say 3 feeds a day to 2 and then later 1 feed a day... and if things got a bit tough I got into a hot water bath until my breasts felt better.. I wouldn't touch them too much, if that doesn't work you can always get tablets to shut down the process... But the above-mentioned worked for me..

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leave them, i stopped breastfeeding my daughter nearly four weeks ago and i was in a lot of pain bt i left them and ie slowly got better trust me. it normally takes aboout two weeks for your milk to dry up ?

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You can pump to relieve the pressure just gradually reduce the number of minutes you stay on the pump

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When I stopped nursing my first, my doctor put me on the pill. What it does is slow down your milk production. It might hurt less if you go on it for a few months until your milk slows down. Or you can pump, but don't do it as often as you did when you were nursing. Your body will start to slow down production and it will hurt less when you stop. It worked for me.

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i went through the same thing but no pumping! i would release a in the shower but other then that leave them alone, sorry to say it but you have to stick it out sometimes being a mommy is painful

Samantha - posted on 09/29/2009




when I stopped nursing, it eventually got so painful that I had to pump for some relief. After I did, I felt a lot better, and my milk still dried up. I would say if you're going to pump, only do it once b/c as said already, multiple times will just stimulate more milk to produce. Hope this helps!

Roseanne - posted on 09/29/2009




I'm afraid to say, you have to leave them because if you keep pumping to give a little relief...your milk will just keep coming. Cabbage leaves, and ice work...what i found for the first time that worked a treat for me was to wrap my breasts in a tube grip. But i had only been giving my son Oliver milk at nights so i never really had a big build up.

Some of my freinds who breast fed and had the milk build up thing did have hot showers to relief the breasts slightly. But i don't know if it prolonged the milk flow stopping.

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