I just wanted to say or tell all young mothers , that Breast feeding your baby is the best thing you can do. brings a great bond between the both of you. And your baby will be so healthy all their life if you tace care of yourself and eat the right foodswhen you breastfeed , then your doing wonderful for the both of you and the baby.

Rebecca - posted on 11/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just wanted to tell all you young mothers starting a family , Please think of yourself and your baby coming into this world , what he or she will need. Breastfeeding your baby is the best thing you can do for their first day or wks of their life here on earth. I had 6 children , and I breastfed all 6 ofthem. and they are all alive and very healthy now and with their own children. So please young mothers think abou tthis

Thank You
Redbecca Arnold.


Jessica - posted on 11/30/2011




I agree! I am a young mom myself and never had any other plans than to breastfeed for beyond 1 year. It's sad to see all of the new young moms of my generation going to directly formula just because it is 'easy' or because they feel 'tied down', can't drink or because they are too 'busy'. Breastfeeding can sometimes be a sacrifice and is sooo worth it, even if it takes some work (but i still believe it is waaay easier and cheaper). I'm so happy to see this community is all for breastfeeding for one year and beyond and am so happy to see there is support for moms struggling to make breastfeeding work! Being a mom means doing everything to make your baby the healthiest and happiest it can be; breast is best =)

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