I'm breastfeeding my 9mo old and she started waking up in the night to nurse, she started sleeping all night at 2mo. now wants to nurse in the night andy answers on what to do?


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Starr - posted on 12/14/2009




That is very normal, she could be going through a growth spurt, or since she is getting bigger her food demand is higher and is getting hungry at night. She may also be having a mild seperation anxiety.

Katie - posted on 11/03/2008




Have you tried giving your baby some rice before bed? This can help control that middle of the night hunger. Or... you can give baby a small drink of cold water, they'll decide this isn't worth waking up for. If your baby takes a pacifire then give that to them and walk out of the room or... you might just have to give a little tough love. Also... if the room is too hot... this can cause baby to wake up as well... just a few things that I've picked up.

Ronica - posted on 10/30/2008




I had the exact thing happen to my 12 month old at 9 months. For my little one it was seperation anxiety. My Doctor said that around 9-12 months they develop this. The Babe realizes that you've left them and they want you back. Where you a mom that ran whenever the baby called ?(I was/am) The baby knows that if she/he calls you will come. The only thing that I changed was I'd let her call for 5 minutes. Until she either calmed down & fell asleep or it continued and became a real cry. It took a few weeks for her to figure out how to calm herself and she did. Right now my daughter is having a growth spurt so unfortunetly back to the walking up :s

Meredith - posted on 10/29/2008




Growth spurt! Mine's 15 months now and still doesn't sleep through the night. Good luck with it.

Angel - posted on 10/29/2008




i recall the same thing happening to me-- my daughter was such a good sleeper at such a young age-- and when she suddenly started waking up at 2 or 4am i couldn't understand why... but i would nurse her and she easily fell back asleep. i just took everything in stride and chalked it up to a growth spurt. it's kind of amusing to think that the next couple of months are going to be run by a baby...lol. just try and relax and enjoy!!!! your little one will let you know her needs and wants.

Jen - posted on 10/29/2008




thanks for all the advise. It makes me feel alot better knowing there is probaly a reason for her waking up. My sis tells me to just let her cry it out but i can't because i know there is a reason for her waking up. Thanks for the replys it will make me feel a whole lot better getting up tonight to nurse. Thanks again, jen

[deleted account]

I will third that it is most likely a growth sturt. They usually come around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 mth, 6 month, 9 months and 9 months is usually the biggest growth spurt so she may just need the extra food

Christina - posted on 10/29/2008




I agree with the growth spurt. If she is learing to crawl or pull up that could be waking her as well. If that is the case feeding her in the middle of the night wont mess up her normal schedule- she should go back to sleeping through once she masters her new skill. Hang in there- its so hard when you are used to sleeping again.

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