I'm concerned that my breastfed baby isn't taking the bottle.

Melissa - posted on 02/15/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I return to work in less than 2 weeks. He has taken the bottle before, and actually took them very well. well recently we haven't been giving him bottles but are now trying to re-introduce the bottle. He screams and cries to the point where we give up and he gets the breast. What can we do to make him take the bottle since I have to go back to work. He was eating every hour from my breast and now has gone on a 3 hour gap bc he won't eat from the bottle. Please help.


Lori - posted on 02/15/2012




Are you the one trying to give him a bottle? Many babies refuse a bottle from Mom. If you're the one trying to give it, or if he knows your nearby he will try to get you to nurse him. You may need to leave the house for a little while and see if he'll take a bottle from someone else. It also might be he'll resist the bottle for a while and only drink as much as he has to to stave off hunger, but not enough to really fill him up. A 3 hour gap isn't that long for a LO to go without nursing or taking a bottle. I know you said he's nursing every hour from you, but it could be just little sips or comfort nursing which he doesn't want/need from the bottle. Keep trying, and keep offering the bottle. Eventually he will take it.


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Stefanie - posted on 02/17/2012




Get someone else to feed your baby. My 2nd one is almost 4 months old and has recently shown a huge preference for breast and wouldn't have a bottle of expressed milk. I started pumping more during the day and let someone else feed him. At the end of the day, if he's hungry enough, he will drink from the bottle. I also try when he is sleepy or distracted (TV seems to work sometimes!). Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 02/17/2012




My daughter refused to take the bottle at all and I was extremely worried when I returned to work however as soon as I wasn't there my partner tells me that she took to it like it was the breast.

Shauna - posted on 02/16/2012




As Lori said, have Dadsomeone else try it while you're far enough away (over 10 feet I think it is) that he can't smell you/your milk.

Ania - posted on 02/15/2012




Try, try and try...your baby will finally take it. If not you may go for reverse cycle, when baby doesn't eat during the day when you are gone, but at night, but I realize that it might be very hard on you....Babies do that, but eventually he will take it. I'm not saying that from my own experience, but from my friend's. My son never took bottle, but I didn't go back to work, so I was just BF

Valerie - posted on 02/15/2012




You might have to take him to work with you provided there is a child care facility available. Or you need to prolong the time spent at home with your newborn and take more leave from work. You'll just need to explain what is happening to your employer. Valerie

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