I'm worried about breast feeding....should i be?


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I've found that the most comfortable feeding position for me is for baby and I to lie on our sides facing each other - it's easier on my back and arms than holding her while feeding, particularly in the first few days when muscles are still aching from birth, and when the baby gets bigger and heavier (mine is nearly 11 months now).


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Kimberly - posted on 08/11/2009




No worries I never had any trouble but some people do but in the end everyone usually makes out just fine. Now at nine months my son knows hows to help himself at night when he wants to feed. The baby will get the hang of it.

Amanda - posted on 08/11/2009




Dont worry! Like some of the ladies have said it is not the easiest thing in the world, unless your baby is born knowing what to do, 1 out of my 3 babies was that way lol.

If you have difficulty latching on which seems to be the biggest problem, ask your lac. consultant if she thinks you would bennifit from a nipple shield, you wear it over your nipple and it just makes latch on easier, then once you both have the hang of it you can get rid of it. I have flat nipples so there is nothing for my kids to latch onto, after my second baby I remember trying to tell the nurse to just let me start out w/ the shield but for some reason she thought she could make it so my nipple stood out enough for my baby to latch on to, I swear that nurse almost pulled the darn thing off.

Also: just so you are aware and not surprised by it, breastfeeding releases the hormone that makes your uterus contract back the way it was, it hurts, to me it felt like another contraction and it lasted a few days, just on and off, nothing constant but I was definatly willing to endure the pain esp. since I knew that it was just going to get me back in shape faster.

Good luck!

Crystal - posted on 08/11/2009




Just relax. There are plenty people at the hospital to help you . Just make sure that your husband is ready to kick everyone out if you need him to. Sometimes everyone trying to help while your boob is hanging out can create more stress. So if you get the concept down you might be more relaxed alone with the baby trying. I felt exposed enough after having a baby without people squeezing my nipples to help the baby to latch. Once the baby figures it out the only problem is lasting until your nipples get used to it but it is totally worth it.

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I was really worried about breastfeeding too. But once I had my son I found out that after a week or so it was second nature and I loved it! I did get a little chafed at first and was sore but I used Lansinoh breast cream that they gave me in the hospital and it worked great. Just relax and if you want everything to work out, it will.

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Of course you're worried, it's natural to feel that way and also there is SO much emotional energy swirling around in our culture about it! Once you get past the should I / shouldn't I, can I in public, how long, how often, etc. you get down to - can I? That's what I was worried about too - one of my friends had such problems, and when you read the books you read all the troubleshooting parts - what to do if this or that goes wrong (sore nipples? baby won't latch? low milk supply?). I was terrified that something wouldn't work out and I would have to pump to feed her at all... and as it turned out I had no problems, zero. I realized that MOST women don't have MAJOR problems, only some minor ones that are quickly overcome.

That said, you should know that while some women will say it was a painful, discouraging experience and others will claim it's practically orgasmic, your experience will probably be somewhere in between. It does hurt at first, as your nipples toughen up (don't worry, they don't literally get leathery or anything, just used to the stimulus) and your milk really comes in, but these things go away pretty quickly.

I had a c-section which meant I got to stay in the hospital a few days longer, and although I wasn't happy about the c-sec, the bright side was I got more support and help from the nurses and lactation consultant on staff. No matter how long you stay, don't walk out of that hospital unless you feel comfortable about how breastfeeding is going!! Ask the nurses if there is a lactation consultant hotline you can call if you get home and have problems. If you have any issues, don't give up, many women just need a little help and practice and then things go wonderfully. Finally, if in the end it does not work out for whatever reason, don't feel guilty, don't blame yourself!!!!! Seriously, if you are feeling badly about it, come back and read these words: IT'S OKAY!! Best of luck, Alana!

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Worry can be good and bad. On the one hand worry can help you confront your fears ahead of time so that you're all ready when it's time but on the other hand worry can cause you to become so uptight about it that when it's time you're too tense to do what's needed or to relax and enjoy it. So gather information and find out all you need to know about it and then put it out of your mind I say. That way you should know basically what to expect but you won't be too tense in the moment.

Rachel - posted on 08/11/2009




Hi, I'll be frank...breastfeeding is not the easiest thing to do when you've never done it before but you don't need to worry about it. It doesn't come naturally to everyone but with some perserverence and patience it can be a wonderful experience.

I had difficulty with my first bub latching on until I decided to ignore the advice of the lactation consultant and just let him attach how he wanted to. Not every baby attaches like in the text books. With my second bub, I just decided to let her attach the way she wanted and I haven't had a problem at all this time around.

A good rule to follow is "if it hurts...unattach them and try a different approach". It may take a little while to get used to the feeling but in no time you'll be doing it without even thinking.

Remember...they're learning to feed just like you are...it takes a little patience.

Joanne - posted on 08/11/2009





I've had 3 children and only managed to successfully breast feed one of them, and they're all older now and they're all great.

I think if your relaxed and comfortable it's easier. The only difference i have noticed between my breat fed son and the other 2 is that when the older two are ill they are really ill, where as my breast fed son seems to have a stronger immune system and fights illnesses quicker and easier, that may or may not be down to breast feeding.

What really important is that you and your baby are happy and healthy wether that be breat feeding or bottle feeding there's no rights and wrongs

Good luck


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worry about it when it happens... no point stressing out now.

most people do find it the most natural thing to do... but after a week it will feel like second nature.

there are lot of people out there willing to assist you and your baby so you both get it right!

im sure you will be fine!!

Agatha - posted on 08/11/2009




Dont worry. The last thing to do is to worry. Just relax and be patient. To some babies it comes very easy, yet to others it takes a little more time. Just remember that your baby needs your calm and positive attention while trying to nurse. Look for a wide open top and bottom lip while their nursing; this means they have really latched on correctly. Also, listen for swallowing sounds. If you hear it, that means they are getting milk and not just air. Most of all, just be patient like I said in the beginning. Some feedings will be easier than others yet as time goes by, you and your baby will become more comfortable with the process:)

Crystal - posted on 08/10/2009




i felt the same but the ladies at the hospital were very helpful if you have your baby on right and feel relaxed it doesnt hurt. i had trouble at the start putting my son on but with help i had no problems.

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