I might need to cross nurse my friend's baby. Any tips?

Winter - posted on 10/04/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My friend lives across the street from me and we are both breastfeeding. She is about to go out to a local concert with her husband and leave her EBF 5 month old with me for ~ 4 hours at night. Her baby REALLY dislikes the bottle, and definitely hasn't taken one from a woman. I want my friend to relax and have a great time ( this is their first night out without the baby). I've got plenty of milk, so I offered to breastfeed her DD if she wakes up while they are away. My friend is comfortable with that. This baby is used to BFing herself to sleep, so really it is the only way to get her back down. I've never fed any baby but my own. So I smell different from this baby's mom. My milk tastes different. My nipples are not shaped the same. My letdown pattern is totally different. Is the baby going to flip out and refuse my breast? Does anyone have any experience that could help this cross nursing experiment go well?


Donna - posted on 10/05/2011




i have never had that experience. I think the baby may be ok though b/c i remember when my daughter was less than a yr old when she was hungry or tired she would try to suckle on everyone else before they passed her off to me. Its good to know that you and your friend are that close. there aren't many ppl who are like that. I'm sure back hundreds of yrs ago when we were in tribes women did that or even 3rd world countries women still do that stuff.

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