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My 11week old refuses a bottle with my expressed milk from anyone...well I should say from a select few. My mother in-law was able to feed him twice. And the sitter has had some luck....I started back to work (40hrs very sad!)The sitter has been able to feed him one bottle to two bottles the past 3 days, since I've gone back. So when I get home it's every 2-3 hours till midnight. Does anyone have any advice?? I've spent a lot of money on different bottles/nipples, warmed the nipple & made the milk warmer then usual & still no positive out comes. I've noticed he's lose some weight cuz his clothes aren't as snug & he feels lighter. I don't have any problems with soiled diapers. So I'm not concerned to much & have told his pediatrician.


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Hi paulette! I was reading on kellymom.com about this for when I returned to worked. This talks about reverse-cycling which sounds like what it may be to me. Hope this helps!!

If baby is taking significantly less expressed milk than the average, it could be that baby is reverse-cycling, where baby takes just enough milk to "take the edge off" his hunger, then waits for mom to return to get the bulk of his calories. Baby will typically nurse more often and/or longer than usual once mom returns. Some mothers encourage reverse cycling so they won't need to pump as much milk. Reverse cycling is common for breastfed babies, especially those just starting out with the bottle.

If your baby is reverse cycling, here are a few tips:

Be patient. Try not to stress about it. Consider it a compliment - baby prefers you!
Use small amounts of expressed milk per bottle so there is less waste.
If you're worrying that baby can't go that long without more milk, keep in mind that some babies sleep through the night for 8 hours or so without mom needing to worry that baby is not eating during that time period. Keep an eye on wet diapers and weight gain to assure yourself that baby is getting enough milk.
Ensure that baby has ample chance to nurse when you're together.


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