I need to go back to work but clueless about this can anybody help me out please?

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My husband is working but bearly making ends meat, We have talked about me finding a job. Which I really need to anyways. But our youngest is 5 months and is breastfeeding I want to keep breastfeeding him, And I know that that I can pump and I have befor but it just too so long and I only get a few oz like 3-4 oz on a good pump most the time its 2 2.5 oz and My automatic pump craped out on me and I have a hand held pump and I dont really have the money to go back another electric pump. I Feel like I'm stuck in a rock and a hard place! I really dont want to pump him on formula due to the fact of our oldest son was on formula and had so many issues with it. And I promised myself I would never do it again or even go back down that road! So what i wanna know is can I do this with just a hand held pump? and how much different am i going to feel once i go too work? When do I need to start pumping? and how do i guess find time to pump? and how long should I wait too pump again? how long should I pump? and is it going to take him some getting use to using a bottle vs. my nipple? I'm really worried. and I'm trying to do the best for our family? help me please!!!!


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I have to say that you may need to pump pretty often (at least I do) - I personally think manual pumps are fine... but getting a good electric one can save you some work. I will also say that my son tends to eat more then what I can pump when I am gone. Perhaps it is a comfort thing, I am not sure - and he is also still pretty little. I hate that fact since he ends up getting formula off and on, but I often don't get to pump as much as I want/need to because of my schedule. I like to pump every 2-3 hours if I can... for around 15 min or so. As far as if your kiddo will take some getting use to a bottle - probably if you've not fed him from one before. Bottles flow much differently then a breast does. Some kids transition easily from one to the other though fine. I will say also that it will help your let down reflex for pumping if you have a picture of your little one, or something that reminds you of him. I hope that helps a little! Best of luck to you and your family! Hang in there!

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LOL i was going to type exactly what allison had given you advice about until i read her post..so i agree with her advice. plus most employers (in the USA) are pretty much supposed to provide you with a private place to pump, here anyway they are.

Allison - posted on 03/27/2010




First, try going to WIC (or you in the US?) and see if they will give or loan you a good pump.

Next, go to kellymom.com and check out their pumping section - lots are great info!


Make sure you thoroughly look at the Bottlefeeding a Breastfed Baby info and the milk calculator.

I always used a hand pump and it was fine for me. Keep in mind baby only needs about 1 oz of your milk per hour you are gone, so it's not that much. Your employer should provide you a place to pump and you can pump on your breaks and lunch hour, and possibly flex some time, too (like come in 15 minutes early so you can pump later in the day).

You can do it!! I did!

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