I think my daughter is starting to self-wean :(

Noreen - posted on 03/03/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I think my 17mo old daughter is starting cut back or "self-wean" from breastfeeding. She is usually a 4-5x during the day and 1x at night. Lately she has cut back to 3x a day and none at night. Not only are my breast KILLING ME, but I am broken hearted :( This evening, she was offered several times to nurse and turned down each one of them and ended up stealing her brother's soy milk and drinking that instead. I obviously can't force her to nurse (TRUST me! I tried! LOL) but I want to make it atleast 7more months because she has severe allergies to milk and eggs. I just can't imagine ever NOT nursing her. She is my 3rd child and probably my last. I am not ready to let go of this stage in life.


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I wouldn't stress so much... she may have just cut back, but may not stop for a while longer still..., And she may even down the track pick up a bit too. That is sort of what happened with my girl. She too has dairy issues, and soy too (probably yeast as well, but it is so hard to test for that ). So, do not dispair.... many todlers feed 1-3 times per day for a very long time before they stop completely.



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She may just be going through an independent stage. My 15-month old has done this on occasion where I think he's cutting back, but it only lasts a few days and he's back at it. I also know with my older one that his interest did (and continues) to go up and down. Keep offering and look for opportunities to have her latch on. She is still young and you seem to know the benefits of extended nursing! Good luck :)

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Pump to help relieve your engorgement and then you can offer her your breastmilk in a sippy. My 9m old is lactose intolerant and I'm not looking forward to the weaning as I don't want him on anything soy as it is horrible for boys, but I do pump when I become engorged mainly before I go to bed because he goes to bed about 2hrs earlier now and doesn't nurse the last 2 times. I've been trying to offer it to him in a sippy, but he wants nothing to do with the sippy cup... I don't think he figured it out.
Could she be teething or have an ear infection? I know my bubby didn't want to nurse much when he had a slight ear infection.

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Hmm, could be a nursing strike. Self-weaning should be a very gradual process. Many moms don't even realize that their child has weaned for a few days or more of not nursing. Keep offering. You can express some milk so that you're more comfortable. You don't want to end up with a clog or mastitis. Keep offering and she will probably come back.

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